Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year, New ME?

i have several things I want to do better in 2009, so what better way to remind myself than to put it out there for everyone to read??
-read the Bible in 1 year(I have never done this :o( )
-blog 1x a day w/a picture(anything)
-read to my kids everyday
-turn off the TV and have more family time-outside, games, reading, dancing. ETC
-read more, learn more
-be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend
-get in better shape(you notice I am not going to lose weight??)
-continue to declutter-keep only what matters
I am sure there are more, but I wanted to get this down while I was thinking about it!

More about that darn Tater Tot casserole.

So. Daniel did send the boys both to their room last night from the table. Then he went and talked to them. Logan came out and said he was sorry and could he have a new bowl(they have a bad habit of smothering their food in BBQ or ketchup before trying it-working on that, just did not catch it in time...)so I gave him a new bowl and he ate it. Dawson came out later started eating it and then was sobbing because he hurt my feelings.
I always try to have something in the meal that I know each person likes, just so I know at least they can eat something. Last night was Tater Tot casserole, um, hamburger, cream of potato and cream of mushroom add a bit of milk and tater tots. They eat everyone of those items! Never thought it would be a problem.
We have decided that we will go to eat what is cooked or not at all. I just have to get a handle on this now. I am not able to put ti in the fridge and make them eat in the am-ok, able yes, willing, no. I had this done to me when I was little and I vowed I would not do it to my children-I do believe it works, don't take me wrong, I just know how picky I was and well, that is how I started my bouts of bulimia, being forced to eat what I didn't like. I respect everyone of my friends, please don't get me wrong. I could also try to get them involved in menu making and the cooking more...I just have so many kids that it is a lot to think of all them helping-maybe one a day would be good. They could each pick a meal and then help with it...Thanks for all your great ideas!
I have 2 underweight children who don't eat enough at all(Piper is <25 and Logan is in 3rd grade and is maybe 50lbs) and a 5 year old who told me her thighs were 'fat' yesterday morning, add in one who -usually-eats every thing! We had a good talk about her being perfect in God's eyes and that is all that matters.
So, if you have time, shoot me some of your kids favorites so I can see if I can find some new things to try. It is time to make a new shopping list for Jan!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kids+Food=Not a good night here

Why do my kids never want to eat what is cooked for dinner?

Anyone else have this problem?

Daniel decided that tonight, we go to the old rule, 'Eat what is made or don't eat at all'.
We shall see what that brings. Any suggestions would be great.

tonight it was tater tot casserole-All things they like in it, but the boys refused to eat it! I just don't get it.
To say the least I am frustrated.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and remembered the true meaning that comes with the holiday!

We have been very busy here in our family. We missed 3 of the last 5 days of school due to freezing rain and snow. We did manage to survive, even if just barley. I have been very busy taking mom to dr appointments, Sammy to therapy sessions and trying to keep up the house. I must say the last one has suffered the most! Daniel has been so amazing during this last 2 months. November and December have been rough months and we are looking forward to the new year and all it has to offer.
The kids all had a great Christmas and rated it a A+++, so I think we did a good job. We decided to do very little for each other this year and hope to take a trip w/o kids next spring, so that will be great! I did get an adorable zebra print purse w/ purple trim and a purple wallet to match! I got Daniel Call of Duty World at War for the Wii with the Wii blaster to go with it...he is playing it right now!! Let's see, the kids got Wii games~GH On Tour(from grammy and pawpaw), Playground(from the babysitter), Outdoor Challenge(from Grammie) and Wii Music(from us). Sammy got a purity ring, a scarf-hat-glove set and 2 of the Twillight books from us. Dawson got GHWorldTour for his DS, a guitar stand and Club penguin book. Logan got an MP3 player, 30Clues book/card set and Tommmy boy nerf gun. Gabi got Cupcake Maker, Barbie Swipe Cards(for her computer game)and Hannah Montana guitar. Piper got a Little mommy doll(the one that talks in English/Spanish-she really wanted it!), dress up clothes and Sharpay microphone. They all got a lot of little things in the stockings....ds games, make up, card games etc. Santa did a good job of picking up some stuff as well. Daniel and I had all our shopping and wrapping done on the 20th of December! But, we still stayed up way too late on Christmas eve making sure it all looked perfect! It was worth it!
Went to my sister's and had dinner w/family and that was good as well...
Piper and Gabi both woke up sick today, fevers and runny nose plus cough. Hope they feel better int eh am(as I type this, Piper is on the couch-she fell asleep at 6 and woke up at 10:30!!)
We played GH World Tour tonight and I even sang! OUr HSM Sing it microphone works with the GH, so now all we need are the drums...I think we may have to do it! Then we played a game of Clue(we got 5 new board games from Santa!)Daniel won and we all had a lot of laughs.
I really need to do better at updating this thing. We did get a new tower for the computer since we are using a friends. It is having all the stuff we need put on and then I should be back in better buisness with that! Daniel put in a bid on it at work and he won! $60 for it. Not a bad deal and it is still underwarrenty, so Dell sent him the start up disk w/everything we need. Very excited to be able to upload pictures and such on here! We had some pictures done and I will try to upload it, but I don't know if it will work.
Weell. I better try to get this kid to bed....she needs rest!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Shopping

We started in 2002 only giving our boys(at the time)3 gifts each, because we wanted to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and we thought that seemed like a good way to do that. Then we found out there was a big Christian movement where people were doing that. We still do that and as we had more children, it became helpful so we would keep the cost of the holiday down some. I do the shopping for my Mother in Law and my Mom as well. It gets confusing.The little girls are about done, I think I need one thing for Piper and then something for her from MIL and she is 100% done. Gabi is 100% done from everyone. I usually have an idea of what I am going to do, but I sit here tonight and realize that I have no clue what to do for my boys. I have no 'big' thing for Logan, he really isn't into anything, so I have 1small thing for him and that is all. ugh. I still need one thing for Dawson. He wants all big ticket items, so it makes it tough, because we don't spend a lot on each of them. Then, we have Sam. ugh. I think for one, I am going to get her a few books and put them in a cool box/basket for her room. Maybe a yoga mat, a jewelry box w/ some jewelry in it(but it is now hard since she wants 'emo' things). I do want to get her some scrapbooking stuff and a notebook to draw in.I have no idea what to give my hubby. none. he said tennis shoes. oh fun! (i actually typed run before fun!!!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I think I may cry :o(

Gabi just brought me the box of Special K I bought and asked me if I was going to look like "this" on the back of the box?? Then she walks away and says, "I would be so proud of you if you did."
I did however state that I would never look just like "that". God made me and her special and loves us just the way we are. She was like, ok. and went on. I love my girl. She knows just how to smile and melt me to the core. We most certainly have our tough days, but she can always make up for that...just like I have tough days and God is so patient and loving even if He gives me 50 chances and on chance #47, He is excited becasue He know I only have 3 more times til I get 'it'...(whatever it may be at the time)

Thinking about renting a booth at a local school carnival...not sure. It would be a lot of work, but it is $25 and I coulc sell a few bows, make the money back...might be fun. I will be praying about it.

Today we lost a backpack....I saw it last night. No where to be found this morning!

Girls want breakfast finally....better go.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy Monday~~~I need a start over :o)

I feel like I have not gotten near enough done today as I would have liked. I think we are skipping football practice as the boys bellies are not feeling super great and I don't think the coaches would like it very much if they need to keep running to the bathroom.

This weekend was not long enough due to not feeling great. I was sick most of Sat and all of Sunday. I even stayed home from work Sunday just to rest. I feel better now. I really think mine is due to sinus issues from allergies :o( that time of the year.

Football games were both lost and not due to the children, but to refs who were so biased and not making good calls.

I rearranged the bedroom and living room. I love the bedroom, but not the living room. Have to think on it.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi so that I was not neglecting my blog:o)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picaso lives here

I am pleased to announce that Dawson is an artist in the making! His daddy will be very proud when he hears that his oldest is following in his footsteps(my man can draw!!) Dawson has his artwork displayed at the public library. Only 2 in his class were chosen and he was one. If you get a chance, it will be there from Oct 1-Oct 28. No charge to see it ;oP
Dawson, we are so proud of you!!!

Hello sickness, I didn't miss you.

Gabi was up last night throwing up and it was not fun. It was all over my bed(my comforter does not fit in the washer, so I have to now make time to go to the laundry mat :o( ). In the process of getting up, she stepped on Piper I think and she was awake. I had to bathe Gabi to get it out of her hair and such. I didn't get back to sleep until about 5:30ish or so, so Daniel took the boys to school and I have to miss BSF and work, but that is life of a parent, right??

Pray she feels better and it does not spread through our family.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Fall!

The weather is changing. I love the cool. I thought I didn't, but I really do.

Again it has been a month since I updated. No reason other than busy.

Football, Church, Preschool, Work, School, Family and the list goes on.

Let's see...The boys are well. Dawson cut his mohawk off and is now back to his normal cut. Cute, my kid. He is doing great in the 4th grade. All A's at mid quarter. He has started the cello. He loves it. Still going strong at football...only one month left of the season-how did that happen?? He will be 10 on the 7th-I can't be old enough to have a child in the double digits, can I? He is haivng a hard time making some right choices in a few friends at school, but I will keep on praying.
Logan is still sporting his mohawk-I think it looks great on him. He is amazing on the football field. Looks can be decieving. He is so small, but he can take even the biggest of kids down. He is also getting all A's at mid quarter. School is tougher for him and takes a lot of encouraging. Some days I think sports are too much for him, but we have noticed a HUGE change in his attitude at home with the ability to focus his energy on to football. He has a great group of friends that I am happy with. I know the parents and they are all good people.
Gabi is doing great at preschool. She and Piper were in a wedding this weekend, they were BEAUTIFUL!!! (as always, just a little more dressed up). Really trying to figure out how to deal with her fits when I am leaving her at preschool or church classes(at preschool, she does great if I don't walk her up the stairs). It only happens when I drop her, so I am sure it is manipulation, I just struggle to have a good way to handle it. Ideas??? We love the hair shorter, she is able to care for it almost all on her own now.
Piper-we had our first in hair trauma with this child. She cut her hair!!! With my sharp scissors! It could have been much worse, but we were able to fix it mostly(Hayley was anyway). She goes back and forth between wanting to be a big girl and a baby! She has made great friends at preschool. One little girl was so happy she was back to day!!
I have been working and continue to know I made the right choice in jobs. Daniel has beeen busy with football practice and work. I will be glad when we can all sit down at 6 to dinner together again.
I need to hang some clothes, so I better jet. I will try to do better at updating this thing!!!
Love In Him,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tidbits and then some

I don't remember the last time I did an update....I think about when school started.

Things have been so busy. The first week of school was good. The kids seem to both really like thier teachers. Logan has a new first year teacher and I hear she talks fast(he should be used to that, I am his mom after all!) Dawson has a great teacher...I don't even know how long she has been teaching, but for at least 25 years. We are getting along with the homework so far not so bad. We did have one night last week that was so tough. Thursday I think. but we managed to get it all done and still get a bit of sleep!

Daniel was in Phoenix all last week. He left on Sunday morning before church and that was very rough,. The kids were a mess at church. I had to walk away at one point! It was a very long week. I did realize just how very 'spoiled' I am and I will not apologize for it! God knew I could never be a single parent. I was having a hard time getting everyone to school and football practice, keeping the house up and cooking were the last things to take care of. If I had not had Chrissy to be here each night for the girls, I think I really would have lost it. I took them to mom's house on M, T, W and Th...2 days to work and 2 days when I was in charge of being at the pool for adult swimming hours(no complaint there!!!) Gabi got sick Wed night while I was working and stayed that way through Sunday morning. Just fever, no other symptoms. I had both the girls hair cut on Tuesday. They both look great. Gabi had about 6 inches cut off and it is at her shoulders with a little bit of an angle in the front-just a tiny bit longer in the front. Piper's is really stacked now and it looks like Beckham's hair(not sexy, just very stacked and sassy!). Daniel got back on Friday night and we were so happy to see him.

We had football on Sat and the girls went to mom's while we did that...I can't take them and see anypart of the game for the worry that one of them will be hurt. Then we went to Carino's and ate because I had coupons for the kids. Came home and had a family nap :o) I needed it. Then went to church. Sunday I was the only one to go to church because Gabi still had a low grade fever Sat night but was ok by Sunday morning....but I follow the 24 hour rule! Came home had a light lunch and then we went to the pool and stayed until 6ish and then came home and cleaned up and had a yummy dinner of biscuits and gravy(made by my main man!) Then we watched The Water Horse and had ice cream. We slept in on Monday and then got up and I cleaned up a bit then we went to the pool. It was so busy and the weather was perfect. I didn't want to leave, but at 5 we did and came home. I ran to get a few groceries and then my man again made dinner. This time he made Big Daddy's Funky Fried Chicken-amazing!!!! He is the winner of the Food Networks Next star show(not sure what the actual name was). It was so good. We ate and then took my mom and aunt dinner. Everyone loved it! Speaking of food, I need to get dinner in the my man doesn't have to cook again(don't let him fool you, he LOVES to cook and will do it anytime).

I went to storage and broght home totes to go through and purge things we don't need or have more than we need...I took like 8 trash bags of things to the WMU house this morning. I hope it will bless others. I have two bags for a friend who has a daughter that is just over 1. Found a tote I KNEW I had and thought I was losing it when I couldn't find it.

Piper thinks she needs a cookie, so I better go deal with her or it could get ugly here!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life changes.....

Lots of things going on around here...

The boys start back to school on Monday-we are all ready for it. We need routine. It has been a quick summer and I will miss the things that go with that, but at the same time, we must go forward. Can't spend life hanging out by the pool!

My 15 year old niece is going to be coming to live with us in the near future. It will change our life in drastic ways, but we could not let her go to foster care. ever. that just isn't an option.

I am overwhelmed. I know that my God is big enough to take care of all the needs that will comeup for her. I am going to ttry to get her room set up this week and then go from there.

Pray for wisdom as we prepare our house and hearts for this young woman to be with us.

I need to go to the store and get milk and such so I can feed kids in the am :o)
Place an X by all the things you've done and remove the 'X' from the ones you have not. This is for your entire life!

1. Gone on a blind date X
2. Skipped school X
3. Watched someone die
4. Been to Mexico X
5. Been to CanadaX
6. Been to Florida X
7. Been on a plane X
8. Been lost X
9. Been on the opposite side of the country
10. Gone to Washington , DC X
11. Taken a long drive with the one you love X
12. Swam in the ocean X
13. Cried yourself to sleep X
14. Played cops and robber X
15. Recently colored with crayons X
16. Sang KaraokeX
17. Paid for a meal with coins onlyX
18. Own a GPS
19. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't X
20. Made prank phone calls (before caller ID) X
21. Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose X
22. Caught a snowflake on your tongue X
23. Danced in the rain X
24. Written a letter to Santa Claus X
25. Been kissed under the mistletoe X
26. Watched the sunrise with someone you care about X
27. Been on vacation with your bf/gf/spouse X
28. Blown bubbles X
29. Gone ice-skating X
30. Been skinny dipping outdoors X

1. Any nicknames? Becky
2. Mother's Name: Merlene(after Grandpa Merle)
3. Favorite drink? Diet Dr Pepper
4. Tattoos? nope
5. Body Piercings? 2 hole in each ear -I used to have a belly button ring
6. How much do you love your job? More than I ever thought I could
7. Birthplace? Tulsa OK
8. Favorite vacation spot? Destin FL
9. Ever been to Africa? NO
10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Yep
11. Ever been on TV? not that I know of
12. Ever steal any traffic sign? nope
13. Ever been in a car accident? only involving my car
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door-mini van mom here...
15. Favorite salad dressing? Bella Peppers house dressing
16. Favorite pie?Key LIme
17. Favorite number? 6
18. Favorite movie? When Harry met Sally
19. Favorite holiday? Easter
20. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake
21. Favorite food? Mexican
22. Favorite day of the week? Monday
23. Favorite brand of body wash? Dove-the new yogurt stuff
24. Favorite smell? the smell of my kids
25. What do you do to relax? internet, read or watch tv
26. How do you see yourself in 10 years? having 2 kids in college, 2 in high school and very happy

Monday, August 11, 2008

Football crazies...

This weekend went way to fast. Rain, rain and more rain. I did manage to get a lot done in the house.

We are awaiting the news of what teams we have been placed on for football...they were to be announced at 10am and have still not been posted. make me nutty.

I simply cannot believe that school starts one week from today! That seems crazy. Where did summer go?

The boys have practice with the high school team the next three days. I think we will hang out at home today and swim on Tuesday since we will have 2 extra boys with us. On Wed, I am going to take the girls to mom's and the boys will go with me to my friend Netti's to swim and hang out. I have to work on Thursday and then swim on Friday and Sat...then bam. School.

I can't type with the kids behind me, so I should go and think about lunch and watching a movie with them....
until a quiet time.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The girl said I was bored.

Well, today I had to work at the church. By work, I mean make copies and cut pictures out, put away VBS items and the like. Gabi went to work with me. She needed to just be with me and well, Leetta was ok with that....see how this job is perfect for me!!! So we went and got the copies done and cutting done-all for the new program kicking off Sat night(the behind the scenes stuff that goes on) and then it was time for lunch. We decided on Bella Peppers. Gabi wanted a good salad, that sounded good to me! Leetta went with us and it was a very nice time. We headed back to work and I had a lot of random VBS items to put away...I did that and Gabi played in the sand box in the room I was working in....she was soon bored and asking 500 ???????'s. ugh. I was in the resource room and she went to Leetta's office and told her I was bored!!! I about died when Leetta came down with her and asked if I was bored...Bahahahahaha. I love her and that is one of those moments where I had to capture it in my head.

Then I went to mom's to pick up the kiddos that were there...they are so very good to me. I am very blessed to have them and at any moment I can drop 1-4 children off and do what I need to. They never complain. Today when I got there, my aunt had been to a yard sale and bought each girl a bunch of clothes-Piper had 12 month shorts on when I got there and they were a perfect fit!

Now I am home and I am sure my husband would appriciate if I get up and cook dinner.....for the first time this week-he has been cooking. GOtta love him.....I hear him putting water on to boil for my noodles....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Where is my money tree????

I think I got my first sunbun on my back today. The kids got a bit red and I applied sunblock 3x while we were at the pool fom 10-2(they were complaining because I slathered them up). I may have to try a different kind. It is Ocean Potion-spf40...maybe they didn't let it dry long enough...this is why I buy swim shirts, but they get sick of wearing them.

I did take Piper to the dr at 7:45 this morning. She is finally ON THE CHART!!! She weighs in at a whopping 27lbs now. 2% instead of under the chart. we have to try to do a urine sample, but I can't get her to do it so far...I don't want to to a catheter...those are no fun.

We picked up football equipment tonight. Then had to go get a couple of things at Academy, we still have to get game pants for Logan and cleats for both of them...I think we need to get him a pair of burgandy socks...and I think if I can find a rib protector...I think Missy said she might have one that they won't be using since Zach is not in football this year. We might need gloves too....Ugh, it is always right before school when they need all of this.

Speaking of school, I still need to get backpacks-I have a friend who has a Nike messenger bag that she said Dillon doesn't like, so I hope it will work for Dawson and then we will just have to get Logan one. Logan got those Tony Hawk shoes so only Dawson needs shoes. They still need socks. Other than that I have to find a bigger school box-not bigger than a shoe box, but not the small kind either. Picky teachers!

I have fogotten that my tags expire Thursday. Nice. One more thing to take care of this week. I need to sit down and write what I know we have in August so far...busy times...

I am so thankful that gas went down can keep dropping so I don't have to walk!! :oP

I am going to go lay down and read then watch a bit of TV.
So I had a sitter here at 7:15 so I could take Piper to the dr this am . she is now in the like 2-5% on weight. At least she is on the scale!
come home, swim lessons from 10-11, so i make lunches since we will be staying for a while to swim. Get to the pool and Gabi's lessons were from 9:30-10! BLEH. So they boys do thier swim lessons from 10-10:30 and they did really good. Gabi proceeded to cry and carry on and say, "You ALWAYS make me late!" and then I just had to respond and tell her that every time she has made me late, that is how I feel. She continued to make me very crazy.
Left the pool at 2 and now they are all in beds. I know Gabi is not sleeping because I can hear her singing and I hear the boys playing the guitar. At least they are leaving me alone.
Pick up football equipment tonight. That only means one week until practive starts.
Where did summer go?????
I wish I could go for one day and lay out with no kids to interupt me. Selfish I know, but it's a nice thought.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Things have been so very busy since the start of July.

Gabi turned 5 on the 14th...she has changed our lives so much. She loves with her whole heart and she gets angry with her whole body. I think we may have many tearful times ahead with her as she is so very emotional. Daniel and I have decided to hold her out of school for one more year. She will go back to pre-k and is very excited!!! She is growing her hair back out and is so girly. She has learned to swim under the water and is turning into a fish!

The 3 olders will start swim lessons on Monday and I will sit in the baby pool with Jenna and Piper and tan while the teachers teach. Love that. We will take our lunches with us and stay when the pool opens at 11 and go home about 2 each day for naps-unless we need to leave earlier for tired kiddos...on Wed Gabi has her 5 year old check up...looking forward to that, as she will get her shots-4 in all. I want to tell her, but well, I won't until that day.

We had VBS last week and it rocked! I am exhausted, but it was worth every minute of it. I know that at least 5 children came to know the Lord. That is why we do it.

Dawson and Logan start football with a kick-off party on Friday, Aug 1st. They practices the next two weeks-very busy, but very much looking forward to the games!

School starts on the 18th. I went and got basic school supply list and it was $75-that is not shoes, backpacks, socks. ugh. I did have a friend at church who gave Logan a new pair of Tony Hawk tennis shoes that her ex-MIL gave her son and he didn't like. Logan tried them on and they fit perfectly! Love that. he even said, Mom, now you don't have to spend money on shoes! I hate that they know money is tight, but I love how he found the positive in it. The same friend also gave me a whole set for my bathroom-animal prints things-and it looks if the rest of my house was decorated nice....someday. So, I have to do shopping the weekend before school starts and I dread that. Everyone will be out, but well, that is when we can do it. Maybe everyone else will shop on tax free weekend...that would be good. 22 days to take care of all of it. Nice.

Daniel just re-shaved Logan's hair-cute mohawk boy! I love it on him....

Piper is now 100% potty trained other than at night and well, we just got Gabi out of pullups....

We3 celebrated our 10 year anniversary on going to the big family night for VBS at the church and Daniel being in the dunk tank...I was the first in his line!!! I missed, so I had to hit the button with my hand :oP

Our class went to Maria's tonight, but we didn't go.

I think it is bedtime....

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Thank you so much Michelle for my new look!!! I love it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We thought this was FUN???

Well, it really is fun-up to the point the parents are fighting! I have never seen the likes of it. Little League is about fun right? I think all parents need to take a refresher course on what we really want our children to learn.
Last night we played Webb City. I think there were poor calls made by the upmire for both teams. There were pitches that while one boy was batting, were strikes and the same pitch next boy were balls. It was not consitant. I mean I could see it and well, I didn't know anything about ball before the boys played(well other than I liked the uniforms :oP ). Well, parents in the stands were yelling about each team and then after the game was called for weather, a few parents got in to an argument and it got physical. ? ? ? ? WHY? I want my boys to learn that you can play a competitive sport and want/desire to win, but even if you don't, be a good sport. You don't have to say unkind things to others in that situation. Play hard, play fair, but most of all give 100% and have fun!!! Toinght even when we were down 12-0, Dawson got up to bat and Daniel said, "Hey bud, put a smile on your face and have fun." He did, he got up on the plate, smiled, did his best and enjoyed himself! I think our children face a lot of very unnessassary stress to be the best, look the best, well, you get my point. Let them be children. Isn't it our job to train them to be respectful, kind hearted, Christ loving, responsible and productive young adults? Well, when we can't go to a baseball game, cheer them on and have fun ourselves, how in the world will they do it???

I got a nice little suprise today. Martha, the mommy of the girl I babysit and my new friend, came over and gave me an 8 piece setting of dishes!! They are solid white and I love them! She said Merry Christmas(just a little early :oP ). I am going to stick them all in the dishwasher in the am and then put them away! I am going to DAV/Salvation Army in the am to see if I can find any glasses and silverware. I think I might need to be on the look out for white canisters...they would look nice.

Tonight, I was starting the wash and had the kiddos in bed when Dawson comes running out and has lost a tooth. Goofy kid. He was so tickled. I asked him, um, do you want to put it under your pillow? He was like, No mom, just go ahead and give me the money in the morning!!! (We did tell them a while back because in looking for bandaids? he found my stach of teeth! What was I thinking keeping both things in the top drawer of my dresser???? ) Logan then comes running out and low and behold, he lost a tooth as well!!! They were literally laying on the floor laughing. I love them. I think they just finally fell asleep!

We decided to put the girls in pre-school M/W/F. They were very sad about not going and we are able to get a scholarship for them, so it won't put us in a bind. I love both the teachers-one is Missy S and the other is Kimmy who I worked with last year and she is great and Piper is so excited to go and be in school with Tori. Gabi gets to be Missy's 'special helper' since she was there last year and knows the drill. I think she will do much better with me not being in the building. I hope. We will still do BSF on Thursdays and Tuesday will be our play date days-so girls, keep those Tuesdays open! I am going to take Jenna to school on the days the girls go and pick her up and have her each day...I will make a few extra dollars to do that...maybe I can squeeze an extra date out of my hubby-one where we go and DO something instead of grocery shop!

I think we will go do a few errands in the am.....DAV, Salvation Army, Aldi and WalMart...maybe save WalMart for evening with just the girls while the boys are at ball practice...

I am starting to fade, I better go get in bed, morning comes to early these days.....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a Weekend.

Well, I hope you all had a great 4th of July! We spent so much time together this weekend that I think the kids thought we were losing our minds :oP We started off Thursday with a sick Piper. Not fun. She was crying saying her head hurt and then I gave her tylenol and she layed on my lap...then I could just tell....yep, she started throwing up. Only 4 times, but I made it to the kitchen floor before she started-hey, much easier cleanup than the carpet. But she did throw up on me...bleh. So, I cleaned up the kitchen and then I jumped in the shower...Jenna was here, so I did text her mom and she said it was ok. I really think Piper had a headache. Poor girl. I made a pallet on the living room floor for her9and me-you know easier to clean a blanket than the carpet)and she layed on it and had a bowl ready while she watched tv a bit. She did fine the rest of the day. I did have to make a call to a friend that we were not going to be able to go to her fireworks show and BBQ that night-I didn't think heat, a pool and Piper should be mixed, call me crazy! So, she said she could pick up Logan(his friend is her son) and I thought that sounded great-why ruin everyones night? Daniel, Dawson and Gabi were going to ball practice and then swimming at the coaches house. Around 10 that night, I texted her and told her Daniel was on his way and she called and said there had been an accident. Logan was apparently LIGHTING FIREWORKS and a roman candle blew up in his face. He was not crying until he got on the phone with me and then he was hysterical. I did not have any idea that the children would be lighting fireworks. We have only let our children light sparklers. I didn't ask, I should have but really never crossed my mind that all parents are not as cautious as me(I tend to be overly with fireworks as I myself am/have always been scared to death of them-I used to hide in that tiny spot behind/under the toilet on the 4th of July every year.)When Daniel picked him up many adults there had been drinking. Not cool. If you are going to let my kiddo light fireworks, please dont drink. Major lesson learned-not everyone(even those i very much trust)parent the way I do. We did take Logan to the ER that night. Corneal abrasions and a small burn on his nose. He is fine. He did say it taught him how serious fireworks are! Lessons learned for everyone.
On Friday, we got up and went to the store and got yummies for the pool. We went to the pool and swam for about 4 hours-ok, I layed by the baby pool watching the smallest of our crew play. It was a lot of fun. Then we came home fornap time and we finished watching the Astronaut Farmer and then watched Flicka. LOVED Flicka. It was so very good. Then we got around and went and played putt-putt. Piper was hysterical out there...she would putt the first time and then maybe one more and then look around and pick up her PINK ball and then put it in the hole and scream YAY!!! Adorable...We had so much fun. Gabi got 3 hole in 1's and I got 2. I took a bunch of pictures that I will have to upload soon. Then we went downtown and watched the fireworks-not as good as years before, but that is ok. Piper was again, hysterical. AS the 1st firework went off, she screamed, got in the van, covered her WHOLE body with her blankie and would not come out! We asked her if they were pretty and she said I think so!!!! Traffic was a nightmare getting out of there and then some guy tried to stand in front of our van to get his family out-um, like they were stuck behind about 10 other cars...wait your turn. People are just so lazy it kills me. A car in front of us just kept sitting and sitting and then the family comes over ans starts loading all of the things. ugh. Drove though McD's and went home and ate. Slept in on Sat, decided not to swim and did nothing-Daniel stayed in bed all day watching tv-he deserves it, he works hard all week for us and well, I did house work-not much, but some. I had to work last night and they had a birthday party for a little girl we know who is turning one and so my poor hubby had that duty-I was told it was a tea party and well, it was not. It was to start at 6 and then when he got there, found out it was a BBQ and all of them were drinking-sense a common thread here? I don't have a problem with people drinking, but it was a 1 year old birthday party??? My children were invited. Daniel called and poor guy knew no one but the mom and dad. I felt so bad. They then picked me up and I ran in at Dillon's because Piper needed soy milk and I picked up donuts for this mornings breakfast. We got up-a tad late, because my hubby and I stayed up and watched a movie-went to church and then came home, I made lunch and we went and swam for a couple of hours. Came home rested, I went to work and Daniel took Dawson to ball practice....
I need to go to bed. I get in a habit of staying up late and I can't get up in the am...not a good habit since all of the kids think 7 is sleeping in!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I pulled an all nighter...and not on purpose.

Last night I could not sleep. Finally fell asleep around 2am and then about 5:30I woke up and have not been asleep since. Piper woke feeling sick, gave her tylenol and then she started throwing up. only 4 times, but we made a pallet of blankets on the floor and took it very easy. I think she had a headache. She was pointing to her head and saying it hurt. She seems to be better now.
I hope we get to swim on Friday. I have not been to the pool all week. My tan feels it.

I am thinking about joining this http:// Anyone know anything about it? I am really trying to cut some areas of spending w/o hurting my family.

Well, I think she is asleep, I am going to lay on the couch and wait for the rest of my family to get home-Logan is at a friends for a party for the 4th and Daniel, Dawson and Gabi are swimming at the All Star coaches house....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Missing Books(among other things)

I just can't seem to keep it all together. Just before school was over, I purchased a new book by Lisa Whelchel...taking care of the Me in Mommy. I was so very excited. I had coveted this book for some time. It was I think $20 or maybe a little under. i am cheap. I just waited it out and at the mall to pick up teacher gifts, I found it for $4.99!! I was so excited. I remembered taking it to preschool the last day to start reading it that morning, but as usual, we had a van full of fits before going into preschool(so very thankful I don't have to do that anymore!!!). That was the last time I saw it. I recieved a lot of gifts that day from parents and children(I will miss that :OP)and thought maybe it ended up in a bag in my room. Nope, I searched since then and today for some odd reason, I decided to look under my hope chect at the end of my bed. TADA!!! Why do things of mine seem to always disappear? I just dont' understand it.But, I have since read 3 chapters-don't fret, the children are either all sleeping or quietly playing in a bedroom(Logan is at a friends house). I think it will be very worthwhile and an easy read. God knew I really needed some taking care of this week!!!

WOW, this week has gone by so fast that I thought yesterday was Friday. It was not. ugh. In the last week, we have not had one night with out baseball. Even though it has been so crazy, at the same time it is a lot of fun. I love watching my boys improve over the season. I have no reason to complain.

Swimming has been good as well. We did not go on Mon or Tues and then we did on Wed and not yesterday due to the kids all getting a little red. By yesterday am, only Piper had a bit of red left. It is all gone this morning and we were going to swim, but it is calling for rain. Maybe on Monday.

This weekend we will be gone to play a tournement. We have a room reserved and the girls will not be going with us. I am looking forward to just being with the boys. It will be good for them and us! Not a lot else going on.

Getting ready for VBS. I am looking forward to seeing what God will do in this week.

I have not really seen or talked to many of my REAL IN LIVING COLOR IN MY TOWN friends this summer. It seems that I hole up with my kiddos each summer and I hope that all of my girl-friends understand, I just feel that it is what I need to do when they are out of school. Spend time with them. They look forward to it and so do I. THere are days that I feel like I am losing it, but those are not as close as when the girls were a couple years younger. It seems that the girls do enjoy Jenna being here daily-very few disputes between them. It makes me smile to see them play so well.....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need a new calender...

Today, all day, I thought it was Friday. Sad to know that I still have one more day left in this week. We had no plans for the day-read, NO swimming, as I won the parent of the year award and all 4 of my children aquired a bit of a sunburn on Wed at the pool. Piper is the only one who still shows any signs, so when we go on(the actual)Friday, she will have to wear her surfer suit. She loves it, but on Wed, I had no idea where the bottoms, they were found in the sock basket(please tell me everyone has a sock basket!!!)right where I put them.
We will be staying in Strafford, MO this weekend for a baseball tournement. I am very excted and we will just be taking the boys-too much for the girls and I would never see any of the game. Gabi is staying with a friend and Piper will stay with my mom.
Speaking of my mom, please pray, her Lupus is acting up and she isn't feeling very well....She has some sort of infection and is now on an antibiotic. again.
I just thought I should do some sort of an update. We have just been so busy with Baseball!

Dawson did in fact make ALL STARS!!!

He has been practicing and that is the team he will play with this weekend. 3 more weeks of baseball and then we start on Aug. 1 with football! oh,, and cheerleading at Planet Cheer-no more ballet for Gabi, but I do think Piper will be doing ballet. Since she is so little I think she would be so very cute!!!

I am so happy that I am not going back to the preschool this fall. I loved it, but I am excited to be going in the direction I am. I will be working a few more hours at the church!I will put in about 10 hours during the weekdays-helping with whatever Leetta needs me to do. Very excited.

My bed and pillow are calling my name!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random thoughts

There are so many thoughts in my head that I want to get down on paper(screen).
I just don't really have words to make it all make sense.

Summer is here and we have really been enjoying spending time with my kiddos. I am baby sitting Jenna this week and next. Every two weeks I have her. She is so good. I am glad I have her, she needs to be around other kiddos since she is an only child. She is so quiet. Very different for me. She said on Monday....I am so tired of laughing! Cracked me up.

Dawson is supposed to find out tonight if he made the all-star team. I hope he did as he has improved so very mcuh this year in ball. The team won last night 11-4. they called the game because there was no possible way for the other team to win at that point.

Logan has games the next three nights. Dawson has a game Friday at 6-both of them play at 6 and I have consession. BLEH. means it will be crazy to try and watch the games...I might have to get a teenagaer to do my job in the consession!

I have to schedule 3 pool parties- Logan's party for his birthday party this weekend and then a baseball end of season party and then Gabi's 5th birthday party. Logan's will be in the afternoon that way I don't have to feed everyone...I don't mind feeding them, it's just easier not to! Gabi's will be little princess shaped cut sandwiches, chips,cookies and ice cream. She wants to do princess again and I can make sugar cookies with the princess cookie cutters as well. Ball team will be a cookout with us providing the meat and having each team member bring a side. I think we will have a better turn out than we did last year...better suppportive parents. I think this year of ball has been very good for my boys,they have both made a couple of very good friends. They have lots of friends at school and church, but none that we really hang out with and they have done more hanging out with frineds already this summer than they did all last summer.

THe Beth Moore study I have been doing is soooo very good! I needed it. I have been having a hard time with getting in my quiet time and keeping everything else going well...I know how much better things go when I spend the time in the early morning with God. I just get sidetracked so easily. Working on a better attention span! I really think I may be OCD and ADD all at once. I can't sit still, I can't handle silence...I need so sit and listen to God more.

Well, I better go. We are going to try to go to the pool and get a bit of swimming in before bad weather hits on Thurday. I sure hope it does it in the am so we don't have to cancel games this week...only 6 to go before regular season is over.

Have a great day and spend some quality time with God.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am baby sitting for the next 2 weeks(last 2 weeks of every month int he summer)and so far, Jenna and Gabi are playing so very well together!!! I think it is really good for Gabi to have someone to play with.

We wanted to swim, but it is raining. I hope it won't cancel ball tonight. Then we just have to make it up. We have ball every night this week. ugh.

Doing this study
and really enjoying it. I hope everyone who is doing it is getting what God wants them to out of it.

This weekend was crazy busy. Ballgames, wedding, sleepovers(for the boys), birthday parties, fellowship with our small group(didn't leave church until 11:30 Sat night!!!), church....on top of Father's Day. I felt bad, Daniel picked OutBack and it was the worst food we have eaten out in such a long time. He napped and I cleaned the boys bedroom-have to do it while they are gone so I can get rid of things :o))

Today I am going to work on the craft/game/exercise room. It needs a major overhaul!! After lunch-leftover pizza-I am going to tackle it before nap/reading time.

Hope you are all enjoying whatever life throws your way today.

Reading other blogs

Today I have been doing a bit of reading up on blogs I like to read...every so often I search for inspiring blogs to read. I like to read about others journey with Christ and today I found one that I had read a long time ago and forgot about....

An amazing story of the hope we all have in Christ and how He helps up all get through the 'unthinkable' times in our lives.

If you have one you think I need to read, let me know!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I love the rain.

I feel bad that it is raining-for the kids sake and not mine. Piper is running high fevers and I can't figure out what is up. She just had a bit of a loose stool-I told her she could wear a diaper so she doesn't have any accidents, we will see how long that lasts. She really likes to wear panties.

I picked up a few groceries last night. We were out of fruit and milk(soy and regular), I ended up spending $75 in less than 25 minutes. nice. prices are going up on everything and I hate it.

I am going to work on the game room today so I can get in there and do some sewing tonight. I need to find a pattern or make one to make the girls each a comforter/quilt for thier bed. I thought that would be something that they can keep forever and hand down to my grandchildren(wow, what a thought). If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.

I purchased this dress from Walmart

only in a red plaid. I am going to see if I have any sundress patterns and make a couple. I was so comfortable all day. I was able to buy a large in Juniors as well! That was nice. I got a lot of compliments at church, including one young woman who said that she hoped she could dress as cute as me when she is a mom! Made me feel good, but was a challenge at the same time. It is so easy to just throw on a tshirt and jeans when caring for the kids. I have really been trying to do better because I like my husband liking what he sees! :o) I love to see him smile when I am done getting ready for the day and walk out of our room. Good feelings.
All games are cancelled and that is ok with me. more time to work on the things that need to get done around here. I have a ton of girl clothes to put away-I wait until I have all of thier wash done and then put it away in outfits-wouldn't be such a problem if I had somewhere to keep it until then, but I don't. Gotta come up with a new system...
I have a sinus issue and it is driving me crazy.
I made a decision about the job. I will not be going back to preschool next year. I will be doing a little extra work for the church in conjunction with my childcare coordinator position and I couldn't be more excited. I love my work at the church. I feel like it is worthwhile. Not that teaching children isn't, it is. I just feel this is a direction God is sending me and I look forward to the challenges that will come with the jobs I will be doing. I will be working about 2 days a week and my mom will keep the girls. They will still have church activities and BSF to be with children and Piper will be in ballet and Gabi in gymnastics. We won't have to pay even 1/2 of what we would at the preschool for my mom to watch them and we will come out ahead on that. I have talked with my mom and we are going to have workbooks for them to do some of each day at her house and then I will do the fun messy part of 'teaching' them at home. I did it with both boys and frankly, I missed a lot this year with preschool. During the summer, my job will be very flexible so I can be with the kids-but, I will still be bringing in money, which is very helpful. It will be flexible during the school year as well-like if a boy has a trip w/school, I can go......I didn't get to go to any of thier trips this year! So, overall, it is a very good thing for my family. I am going to the preschool this week to let my boss know. She has plenty of time to fill the position. I have asked several people if they are interested, a couple of maybes, couple of no's. I can't carry the burden of finding her help for her. I hope the school continues to grow and I can leave with no hard feelings.
Well, I should get back to real life and all the crazy kids in my house!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

No sirens!

Happy Birthday Logan!!! I can't believe 8 years has gone by already..

The sirens did not go off here like we were afraid of. I even had the laundry room ready for it! I put all the couch pillows and a heap of blankets...I figured if we had to bed in there, at least we could use those to protcect the kids if needed. I woke several time to thunder and a lot of lightning, but that was it. Thank you God for your protection. Please pray that Gabi will not continue to worry with every rain drop that we are going to have a tornado!! She is more than stressed.

TOTALLY random....if you have any idea where they sell little girl panties that run VERY VERY small, please let me know. SInce Piper needs panties, a lot of the 2T are still very big on them...I don't think I am up to sewing panties.

I made a huge mistake and have no child care for todays physical therapy appointment. I didn't realize my mom was going to be out of town! I have an appointment at 10 and one at 11. grrrrr. I think a friend might be able to do it, but they sleep late and I don't really want to call and wake them up. I will call at 9....I asked her about it the other day but don't know if she remembbered...she lives just a few blocks away and it would be on my way to the dr, but my mom is across town and with gas prices, every little bit helps...I really need to go shopping for Logan's b-day....
We are on the lookout for new living room furniture and a bigger kitchen table. I am trying to decorate the house a bit better...
Living red, white, blue with flags and Uncle Sam
Kitchen-red chili peppers- think red!!
1/2 Bathroom-??
Full Bathroom-Fishing
Boys-Sports(mostly done)
Girls-Girly, Girly, Girly(pink/white) need to cover lamp shade-paint bed, find shelving for walls to put pretty things on....

If any one had any old things to donate....I am in need!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008







they enjoyed the bucket of chores!

I can't believe the way they were so excited to do the work....all but one chore got done.
I had to use only one consequence today-Dawson threw an attitude at me and so he had to pull one and it was to straighten the bookshlef. It looks very nice now.
I took a lot of time after making waffles and cleaned the kitchen really well-except the stack of things to get off the dishwasher and I will do that tonight. I will do that along with the stack of things on the computer desk. FUN times. NOT. But, I want to get all this little stuff done so that I can enjoy the kids. I will have one more week before I have Jenna for 2 weeks. I think that will help the kids not to get bored of me so fast. They love to have company over and I get paid for it.
I have to wait for the clothes in the washer to finish so I can get Logan's uniform in the dryer for his game tonight. I forgot about it.
If you have any great summer reciepes send them my way.
I have to get a few things done so we can put the girls bed together this weekend...they won't have new comforters yet, but I have a couple of ideas in my head to make....means on SUnday when Piper naps and Logan is at yet another bday party I will spend time in the craft room.....

I am going to read until the washer quits.


Piper has been wearing 'big girl' panties since last Thursday!
WE have only had like 2 pee pee accidents.
Poo Poo may take a little longer.

I am so very stoked!
We have had diaper in the house for 10 years now(well in October he was born)but I am so excited that I can't believe it.
You know how some kids get candy when they go? Well, not my girl, she wants...............................................................................................................

I love her.

Nothing too important

morning ramblings
I just finished GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner. Very funny novel. I have LITTLE EARTHQUAKES of hers to read, but I checked out 4 books at the church library thinking I was going to have a cast on... I think I can still read even though I don't have a cast.
the secret LIFE of Becky Miller
Renovating Becky Miller......both by Sharon Hinck
Once Upon A Gulf Coast Sunner....Susan Oliver
Patchwork Cirlce-Bachelor's Puzzle....Judith Pella
I bought about 5 books the other day at the Christaian book store and have misplaced Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel.....I am very bummed. I can find all the others, but not that one. I plan to read 10 books(novels)that are for pure enjoyment and 10 that are parenting/marriage/family books-not that I am failing in those areas, but I think you can always learn more.
We went swimming yesterday and the kids really want to go today- I need to check and see what the weather is going to be today.
I have a decision to make about going back to the preschool in the fall. I have an opportunitly to work for 10 hours a week making the same I make working 3 days a week-with a difference of only $5. Legitimate work, but I can't tell about it until I am sure. I wold not have to pay out the $150 for preschool that I will if I work at the preschool because my mom will take care of the girls for me. Which puts us ahead by $145 just to start and I could work more hours if needed. Daniel does not want me to go back to the preschool at all. He thinks this other job is better for us as a family as a whole. I miss being able to have play dates and just see my friends when I want. We will have to see.
I got a new chore chart and things that the kids have to do every day....they have a small bucket of shores that they pick one on Monday and one on Wed to do, if they have a consequence they can choose another one. They have to spend time with reading out of thier devotional each day, brush teeth, hair, put on deoderant, get dressed, pick up thier toys and books, put clothes away/in hamper, make bed....they have to when asked take out trash, load/unload dishwasher, spend time reading for 1 hour every day(all at the same time while Piper is napping), play with a sibling for 15 minutes, learn 1 verse per week. They also have to when asked-w/o coplaining taek out the trash, load/unload the dishwasher, pick up living room and Daily we will do a quick 15 minute pick up with crazy loud music before daddy gets home...just so he doesn't walk into a mess.
I started a summer journal-I am writing each days events and such. Just so later on the kids can look back and see it. I picked up a small $1 journal at Michaels with a gift card from a student and LOVE IT!
The kiddos are hungry, I am going to make pancakes for breakfast-we drank the rest of the milk for dinner. Ihave to get a grocery list ready so I can go to the store to pick a few things up. Logan will be 8 on Friday! I can't even believe it..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I thought I had bypassed this as a child

please excuse any typos or lack of capitals tonight
between painand meds for pain, i have to be quick and will explain more later,
i tore my triangular fibrocartilage complex
get how.......
by shutting the van door after school let out today!!!
not in anger, but excitement.
for summer is finally here and really, i love spending time with my kids----AT THE POOL
where i cant get this partial cast wet-i can not even take it off to shower!!!
please pray for healing where surgery will not be needed and that our new insurance will cover all fees incured in this,
i have to see a surgeon next week

Friday, May 16, 2008

services are today

Funeral services are today for our friends from church that were killed in the tornado on Sat. night. Daniel will be home at noon for us to go on over to the church-the services are at 2, but with it being for 4 people, we figured we better head on over so we get a seat.
I never realized how much I really miss my daddy until this week. Every thing I feel for Kali that she has to miss by her daddy being gone, I have been there and done that and it is hard. I cried so much this week I don't know if there are any tears left. I am thankful we serve a soveriegn Lord and our friends are not suffering. I have a lot of emotions that I didn't realize I had never dealt with and now that I feel them, I understand why I shoved them back down. I am thankful Kali has a church family/friends to pray for/with her during this time in her life. She is a strong young woman because of the training she had in her home growing up.
God used her family in a mighty way in our community and will now use her to carry on the heritage they gave her.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Glad I didn't go!

I was going to go out of town with my girlfriends on a little getaway, but Logan decided that he didn't want me to miss his 2nd game, so I stayed home. I am so very thankful that I did because Logan had a IN THE PARK HOMERUN!!!!! I was so excited and if I had been gone, I would have been so very sick to have missed it. God knew that I needed to be here.

On a very sad note, there have been at least 17 deaths due to tornados in the area.
We are ok. The deaths are in at least 3 states. Lots of damage/lost homes. Please pray for those people affected.

I am so thankful that I serve a God who has plans for me. While watching a video tonight at church, I was thinking back to almost 11 years ago when a doctor told me I would never be able to have children. I was not a Christian at the time. I became pregnant a few months later. I have had 6 pregnancies and have 4 healthy children. God had a plan for me even when I had no idea who He was and didn't care. I would be nothing with out Him and would not have my amazing husband and children. The point is the video was very moving.

My family is coming over for a BBQ Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day and I have nothing for my mom. Well, I do have pictures. I have to go to the store to pick up ground beef and the fixings for lunch. I hope my nephew and my niece both get to come with thier parents. My nephew lives with his father and my niece lives in a home for troubled teens. She is almost done with the program and will be going home soon.

Well, it is late and I am getting tired, so I will end this very random post for now. I have to fold some wash I did today before bed. Fun times.

I hope all the mothers out there have a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Journeys

We are more amazed at God with each passing day and how He knows what we need before we do.

Daniel has been very unhappy with his current job as an apprientice electrician. He simply does not enjoy his work and being union. I don't think we REALLY waited for God on this issue as much as we should have. Lesson learned(I hope)for the both of us. So he applied for a job with our local cable company and after testing and interviews, he was offered the job. Now we are just waiting on a few things to be taken care of. He tried to meet with his current boss, but he never showed up. BLEH> makes Daniel crazy. So, we are almost done with working nights(I am so glad because I miss him at night when he is not here!!!)

The guys are all at ball practice and the girls are playing HSM Sing It on the Wii.

I have to put the spring/summer clothes away they are sitting in the game room on the game table and it makes it very hard to play games that way :o) I think I have enough for both girls(if what I have for Piper fits? You never know. SHe wore a (large for the size) pair of 6 Month capris at moms house the other day!

I was so sad to say that I will not be able to go on a trip with my circle of friends that I go with on a overnight trip in the spring and one just before Christmas. I have to work and several people are already going to be gone the day I needed off and if Missy and I left right after getting the kiddos settled when we got off work, It would still be late when we got there. So I will have to go with them in Dec. It will be ok.

I have taken forever to make this post because I am playing Wii with the girls and have painted fingers and toes on Piper and Gabi is doing hers(will be a mess!) I am caught up on wash and don't have enough to even make a full load(LOVE IT!) so I think I will go play with the girls for a while. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Must Read Blog

I found this blog through another friend I read...

At first, I had a really hard time reading, because it is so sensitive.
But, as I continued to read, I was very inspired.
A TRUE family of God.
I pray for peace for this family.

Take a look for yourself.

Be sure to have tissues handy.
Have a great day.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I forgot about this blog!

Wow, I really forgot that I had created this bolg. I have a LiveJournal that I have been blogging in since 2001 and I think it is really hard for me to think about leaving it, but I think I am going to give this a try to be my main blog. I don't think it will be an everyday update, but at least 2x a week.
I am married to my best friend Daniel for almost 10 years(this summer) We have 4 children, Dawson-9 1/2, Logan 7 1/2, Gabrielle(Gabi)4 1/2, Piper 3(in 2 weeks). We stay busy with Little League, ballet, football. We are very involved in our church. We would be nothing without the grace our Lord has shown us.
I work at a PreSchool and teach 3 year olds. I am the ChildCare Coordinator for our church as well. I only started at the Preschool this year...the girls love it and I only work 3 days a week. It is nice to have a couple of days off in the week since I am so used to being a stay at home mom. I miss it, but I know that I am where God wants me and I have to be obedient(unless I want to be miserable). I make hairbows for girls as a hobby-I enjoy it, but I have found out that I have severe carpal tunnel in my hands and if I do it too often, my hands go numb. Treatment for that may be in the not to far away future. I am learning to sew(again)and I love it. Cooking is fun, but not the cleaning up!!! I like the challenge of feeding my family on a certain budget and seeing what kinds of things I can come up with!
My hearts desire is to be the Christian wife and mother that God desires for me to be. I want to look back and know that I gave it my very best and that I put the important things first and did the work God had at hand for me. It is a work in progress. I am learning as I go. I have come a long way from the young girl I was 10 years ago. God is amazing and with His 'gentle' :o) prodding, I have changed into a woman I hope people are glad to call friend.
So, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy me 'Keeping It Real'.