Monday, July 28, 2008

Where is my money tree????

I think I got my first sunbun on my back today. The kids got a bit red and I applied sunblock 3x while we were at the pool fom 10-2(they were complaining because I slathered them up). I may have to try a different kind. It is Ocean Potion-spf40...maybe they didn't let it dry long enough...this is why I buy swim shirts, but they get sick of wearing them.

I did take Piper to the dr at 7:45 this morning. She is finally ON THE CHART!!! She weighs in at a whopping 27lbs now. 2% instead of under the chart. we have to try to do a urine sample, but I can't get her to do it so far...I don't want to to a catheter...those are no fun.

We picked up football equipment tonight. Then had to go get a couple of things at Academy, we still have to get game pants for Logan and cleats for both of them...I think we need to get him a pair of burgandy socks...and I think if I can find a rib protector...I think Missy said she might have one that they won't be using since Zach is not in football this year. We might need gloves too....Ugh, it is always right before school when they need all of this.

Speaking of school, I still need to get backpacks-I have a friend who has a Nike messenger bag that she said Dillon doesn't like, so I hope it will work for Dawson and then we will just have to get Logan one. Logan got those Tony Hawk shoes so only Dawson needs shoes. They still need socks. Other than that I have to find a bigger school box-not bigger than a shoe box, but not the small kind either. Picky teachers!

I have fogotten that my tags expire Thursday. Nice. One more thing to take care of this week. I need to sit down and write what I know we have in August so far...busy times...

I am so thankful that gas went down can keep dropping so I don't have to walk!! :oP

I am going to go lay down and read then watch a bit of TV.


Gayla Davis said...

Hey Becca,
Lovin' your blog! Just wanted to let you know that I have size 2 Nike football cleats (black) just sitting in Grey's closet. If you can use them, I'd be glad to ship them to you. Let me know.


NeverEnoughTime said...

They are perfect! Thank you so much...