Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I think I may cry :o(

Gabi just brought me the box of Special K I bought and asked me if I was going to look like "this" on the back of the box?? Then she walks away and says, "I would be so proud of you if you did."
I did however state that I would never look just like "that". God made me and her special and loves us just the way we are. She was like, ok. and went on. I love my girl. She knows just how to smile and melt me to the core. We most certainly have our tough days, but she can always make up for that...just like I have tough days and God is so patient and loving even if He gives me 50 chances and on chance #47, He is excited becasue He know I only have 3 more times til I get 'it'...(whatever it may be at the time)

Thinking about renting a booth at a local school carnival...not sure. It would be a lot of work, but it is $25 and I coulc sell a few bows, make the money back...might be fun. I will be praying about it.

Today we lost a backpack....I saw it last night. No where to be found this morning!

Girls want breakfast finally....better go.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy Monday~~~I need a start over :o)

I feel like I have not gotten near enough done today as I would have liked. I think we are skipping football practice as the boys bellies are not feeling super great and I don't think the coaches would like it very much if they need to keep running to the bathroom.

This weekend was not long enough due to not feeling great. I was sick most of Sat and all of Sunday. I even stayed home from work Sunday just to rest. I feel better now. I really think mine is due to sinus issues from allergies :o( that time of the year.

Football games were both lost and not due to the children, but to refs who were so biased and not making good calls.

I rearranged the bedroom and living room. I love the bedroom, but not the living room. Have to think on it.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi so that I was not neglecting my blog:o)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picaso lives here

I am pleased to announce that Dawson is an artist in the making! His daddy will be very proud when he hears that his oldest is following in his footsteps(my man can draw!!) Dawson has his artwork displayed at the public library. Only 2 in his class were chosen and he was one. If you get a chance, it will be there from Oct 1-Oct 28. No charge to see it ;oP
Dawson, we are so proud of you!!!

Hello sickness, I didn't miss you.

Gabi was up last night throwing up and it was not fun. It was all over my bed(my comforter does not fit in the washer, so I have to now make time to go to the laundry mat :o( ). In the process of getting up, she stepped on Piper I think and she was awake. I had to bathe Gabi to get it out of her hair and such. I didn't get back to sleep until about 5:30ish or so, so Daniel took the boys to school and I have to miss BSF and work, but that is life of a parent, right??

Pray she feels better and it does not spread through our family.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello Fall!

The weather is changing. I love the cool. I thought I didn't, but I really do.

Again it has been a month since I updated. No reason other than busy.

Football, Church, Preschool, Work, School, Family and the list goes on.

Let's see...The boys are well. Dawson cut his mohawk off and is now back to his normal cut. Cute, my kid. He is doing great in the 4th grade. All A's at mid quarter. He has started the cello. He loves it. Still going strong at football...only one month left of the season-how did that happen?? He will be 10 on the 7th-I can't be old enough to have a child in the double digits, can I? He is haivng a hard time making some right choices in a few friends at school, but I will keep on praying.
Logan is still sporting his mohawk-I think it looks great on him. He is amazing on the football field. Looks can be decieving. He is so small, but he can take even the biggest of kids down. He is also getting all A's at mid quarter. School is tougher for him and takes a lot of encouraging. Some days I think sports are too much for him, but we have noticed a HUGE change in his attitude at home with the ability to focus his energy on to football. He has a great group of friends that I am happy with. I know the parents and they are all good people.
Gabi is doing great at preschool. She and Piper were in a wedding this weekend, they were BEAUTIFUL!!! (as always, just a little more dressed up). Really trying to figure out how to deal with her fits when I am leaving her at preschool or church classes(at preschool, she does great if I don't walk her up the stairs). It only happens when I drop her, so I am sure it is manipulation, I just struggle to have a good way to handle it. Ideas??? We love the hair shorter, she is able to care for it almost all on her own now.
Piper-we had our first in hair trauma with this child. She cut her hair!!! With my sharp scissors! It could have been much worse, but we were able to fix it mostly(Hayley was anyway). She goes back and forth between wanting to be a big girl and a baby! She has made great friends at preschool. One little girl was so happy she was back to day!!
I have been working and continue to know I made the right choice in jobs. Daniel has beeen busy with football practice and work. I will be glad when we can all sit down at 6 to dinner together again.
I need to hang some clothes, so I better jet. I will try to do better at updating this thing!!!
Love In Him,