Friday, June 27, 2008

Missing Books(among other things)

I just can't seem to keep it all together. Just before school was over, I purchased a new book by Lisa Whelchel...taking care of the Me in Mommy. I was so very excited. I had coveted this book for some time. It was I think $20 or maybe a little under. i am cheap. I just waited it out and at the mall to pick up teacher gifts, I found it for $4.99!! I was so excited. I remembered taking it to preschool the last day to start reading it that morning, but as usual, we had a van full of fits before going into preschool(so very thankful I don't have to do that anymore!!!). That was the last time I saw it. I recieved a lot of gifts that day from parents and children(I will miss that :OP)and thought maybe it ended up in a bag in my room. Nope, I searched since then and today for some odd reason, I decided to look under my hope chect at the end of my bed. TADA!!! Why do things of mine seem to always disappear? I just dont' understand it.But, I have since read 3 chapters-don't fret, the children are either all sleeping or quietly playing in a bedroom(Logan is at a friends house). I think it will be very worthwhile and an easy read. God knew I really needed some taking care of this week!!!

WOW, this week has gone by so fast that I thought yesterday was Friday. It was not. ugh. In the last week, we have not had one night with out baseball. Even though it has been so crazy, at the same time it is a lot of fun. I love watching my boys improve over the season. I have no reason to complain.

Swimming has been good as well. We did not go on Mon or Tues and then we did on Wed and not yesterday due to the kids all getting a little red. By yesterday am, only Piper had a bit of red left. It is all gone this morning and we were going to swim, but it is calling for rain. Maybe on Monday.

This weekend we will be gone to play a tournement. We have a room reserved and the girls will not be going with us. I am looking forward to just being with the boys. It will be good for them and us! Not a lot else going on.

Getting ready for VBS. I am looking forward to seeing what God will do in this week.

I have not really seen or talked to many of my REAL IN LIVING COLOR IN MY TOWN friends this summer. It seems that I hole up with my kiddos each summer and I hope that all of my girl-friends understand, I just feel that it is what I need to do when they are out of school. Spend time with them. They look forward to it and so do I. THere are days that I feel like I am losing it, but those are not as close as when the girls were a couple years younger. It seems that the girls do enjoy Jenna being here daily-very few disputes between them. It makes me smile to see them play so well.....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need a new calender...

Today, all day, I thought it was Friday. Sad to know that I still have one more day left in this week. We had no plans for the day-read, NO swimming, as I won the parent of the year award and all 4 of my children aquired a bit of a sunburn on Wed at the pool. Piper is the only one who still shows any signs, so when we go on(the actual)Friday, she will have to wear her surfer suit. She loves it, but on Wed, I had no idea where the bottoms, they were found in the sock basket(please tell me everyone has a sock basket!!!)right where I put them.
We will be staying in Strafford, MO this weekend for a baseball tournement. I am very excted and we will just be taking the boys-too much for the girls and I would never see any of the game. Gabi is staying with a friend and Piper will stay with my mom.
Speaking of my mom, please pray, her Lupus is acting up and she isn't feeling very well....She has some sort of infection and is now on an antibiotic. again.
I just thought I should do some sort of an update. We have just been so busy with Baseball!

Dawson did in fact make ALL STARS!!!

He has been practicing and that is the team he will play with this weekend. 3 more weeks of baseball and then we start on Aug. 1 with football! oh,, and cheerleading at Planet Cheer-no more ballet for Gabi, but I do think Piper will be doing ballet. Since she is so little I think she would be so very cute!!!

I am so happy that I am not going back to the preschool this fall. I loved it, but I am excited to be going in the direction I am. I will be working a few more hours at the church!I will put in about 10 hours during the weekdays-helping with whatever Leetta needs me to do. Very excited.

My bed and pillow are calling my name!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random thoughts

There are so many thoughts in my head that I want to get down on paper(screen).
I just don't really have words to make it all make sense.

Summer is here and we have really been enjoying spending time with my kiddos. I am baby sitting Jenna this week and next. Every two weeks I have her. She is so good. I am glad I have her, she needs to be around other kiddos since she is an only child. She is so quiet. Very different for me. She said on Monday....I am so tired of laughing! Cracked me up.

Dawson is supposed to find out tonight if he made the all-star team. I hope he did as he has improved so very mcuh this year in ball. The team won last night 11-4. they called the game because there was no possible way for the other team to win at that point.

Logan has games the next three nights. Dawson has a game Friday at 6-both of them play at 6 and I have consession. BLEH. means it will be crazy to try and watch the games...I might have to get a teenagaer to do my job in the consession!

I have to schedule 3 pool parties- Logan's party for his birthday party this weekend and then a baseball end of season party and then Gabi's 5th birthday party. Logan's will be in the afternoon that way I don't have to feed everyone...I don't mind feeding them, it's just easier not to! Gabi's will be little princess shaped cut sandwiches, chips,cookies and ice cream. She wants to do princess again and I can make sugar cookies with the princess cookie cutters as well. Ball team will be a cookout with us providing the meat and having each team member bring a side. I think we will have a better turn out than we did last year...better suppportive parents. I think this year of ball has been very good for my boys,they have both made a couple of very good friends. They have lots of friends at school and church, but none that we really hang out with and they have done more hanging out with frineds already this summer than they did all last summer.

THe Beth Moore study I have been doing is soooo very good! I needed it. I have been having a hard time with getting in my quiet time and keeping everything else going well...I know how much better things go when I spend the time in the early morning with God. I just get sidetracked so easily. Working on a better attention span! I really think I may be OCD and ADD all at once. I can't sit still, I can't handle silence...I need so sit and listen to God more.

Well, I better go. We are going to try to go to the pool and get a bit of swimming in before bad weather hits on Thurday. I sure hope it does it in the am so we don't have to cancel games this week...only 6 to go before regular season is over.

Have a great day and spend some quality time with God.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am baby sitting for the next 2 weeks(last 2 weeks of every month int he summer)and so far, Jenna and Gabi are playing so very well together!!! I think it is really good for Gabi to have someone to play with.

We wanted to swim, but it is raining. I hope it won't cancel ball tonight. Then we just have to make it up. We have ball every night this week. ugh.

Doing this study
and really enjoying it. I hope everyone who is doing it is getting what God wants them to out of it.

This weekend was crazy busy. Ballgames, wedding, sleepovers(for the boys), birthday parties, fellowship with our small group(didn't leave church until 11:30 Sat night!!!), church....on top of Father's Day. I felt bad, Daniel picked OutBack and it was the worst food we have eaten out in such a long time. He napped and I cleaned the boys bedroom-have to do it while they are gone so I can get rid of things :o))

Today I am going to work on the craft/game/exercise room. It needs a major overhaul!! After lunch-leftover pizza-I am going to tackle it before nap/reading time.

Hope you are all enjoying whatever life throws your way today.

Reading other blogs

Today I have been doing a bit of reading up on blogs I like to read...every so often I search for inspiring blogs to read. I like to read about others journey with Christ and today I found one that I had read a long time ago and forgot about....

An amazing story of the hope we all have in Christ and how He helps up all get through the 'unthinkable' times in our lives.

If you have one you think I need to read, let me know!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I love the rain.

I feel bad that it is raining-for the kids sake and not mine. Piper is running high fevers and I can't figure out what is up. She just had a bit of a loose stool-I told her she could wear a diaper so she doesn't have any accidents, we will see how long that lasts. She really likes to wear panties.

I picked up a few groceries last night. We were out of fruit and milk(soy and regular), I ended up spending $75 in less than 25 minutes. nice. prices are going up on everything and I hate it.

I am going to work on the game room today so I can get in there and do some sewing tonight. I need to find a pattern or make one to make the girls each a comforter/quilt for thier bed. I thought that would be something that they can keep forever and hand down to my grandchildren(wow, what a thought). If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.

I purchased this dress from Walmart

only in a red plaid. I am going to see if I have any sundress patterns and make a couple. I was so comfortable all day. I was able to buy a large in Juniors as well! That was nice. I got a lot of compliments at church, including one young woman who said that she hoped she could dress as cute as me when she is a mom! Made me feel good, but was a challenge at the same time. It is so easy to just throw on a tshirt and jeans when caring for the kids. I have really been trying to do better because I like my husband liking what he sees! :o) I love to see him smile when I am done getting ready for the day and walk out of our room. Good feelings.
All games are cancelled and that is ok with me. more time to work on the things that need to get done around here. I have a ton of girl clothes to put away-I wait until I have all of thier wash done and then put it away in outfits-wouldn't be such a problem if I had somewhere to keep it until then, but I don't. Gotta come up with a new system...
I have a sinus issue and it is driving me crazy.
I made a decision about the job. I will not be going back to preschool next year. I will be doing a little extra work for the church in conjunction with my childcare coordinator position and I couldn't be more excited. I love my work at the church. I feel like it is worthwhile. Not that teaching children isn't, it is. I just feel this is a direction God is sending me and I look forward to the challenges that will come with the jobs I will be doing. I will be working about 2 days a week and my mom will keep the girls. They will still have church activities and BSF to be with children and Piper will be in ballet and Gabi in gymnastics. We won't have to pay even 1/2 of what we would at the preschool for my mom to watch them and we will come out ahead on that. I have talked with my mom and we are going to have workbooks for them to do some of each day at her house and then I will do the fun messy part of 'teaching' them at home. I did it with both boys and frankly, I missed a lot this year with preschool. During the summer, my job will be very flexible so I can be with the kids-but, I will still be bringing in money, which is very helpful. It will be flexible during the school year as well-like if a boy has a trip w/school, I can go......I didn't get to go to any of thier trips this year! So, overall, it is a very good thing for my family. I am going to the preschool this week to let my boss know. She has plenty of time to fill the position. I have asked several people if they are interested, a couple of maybes, couple of no's. I can't carry the burden of finding her help for her. I hope the school continues to grow and I can leave with no hard feelings.
Well, I should get back to real life and all the crazy kids in my house!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

No sirens!

Happy Birthday Logan!!! I can't believe 8 years has gone by already..

The sirens did not go off here like we were afraid of. I even had the laundry room ready for it! I put all the couch pillows and a heap of blankets...I figured if we had to bed in there, at least we could use those to protcect the kids if needed. I woke several time to thunder and a lot of lightning, but that was it. Thank you God for your protection. Please pray that Gabi will not continue to worry with every rain drop that we are going to have a tornado!! She is more than stressed.

TOTALLY random....if you have any idea where they sell little girl panties that run VERY VERY small, please let me know. SInce Piper needs panties, a lot of the 2T are still very big on them...I don't think I am up to sewing panties.

I made a huge mistake and have no child care for todays physical therapy appointment. I didn't realize my mom was going to be out of town! I have an appointment at 10 and one at 11. grrrrr. I think a friend might be able to do it, but they sleep late and I don't really want to call and wake them up. I will call at 9....I asked her about it the other day but don't know if she remembbered...she lives just a few blocks away and it would be on my way to the dr, but my mom is across town and with gas prices, every little bit helps...I really need to go shopping for Logan's b-day....
We are on the lookout for new living room furniture and a bigger kitchen table. I am trying to decorate the house a bit better...
Living red, white, blue with flags and Uncle Sam
Kitchen-red chili peppers- think red!!
1/2 Bathroom-??
Full Bathroom-Fishing
Boys-Sports(mostly done)
Girls-Girly, Girly, Girly(pink/white) need to cover lamp shade-paint bed, find shelving for walls to put pretty things on....

If any one had any old things to donate....I am in need!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008







they enjoyed the bucket of chores!

I can't believe the way they were so excited to do the work....all but one chore got done.
I had to use only one consequence today-Dawson threw an attitude at me and so he had to pull one and it was to straighten the bookshlef. It looks very nice now.
I took a lot of time after making waffles and cleaned the kitchen really well-except the stack of things to get off the dishwasher and I will do that tonight. I will do that along with the stack of things on the computer desk. FUN times. NOT. But, I want to get all this little stuff done so that I can enjoy the kids. I will have one more week before I have Jenna for 2 weeks. I think that will help the kids not to get bored of me so fast. They love to have company over and I get paid for it.
I have to wait for the clothes in the washer to finish so I can get Logan's uniform in the dryer for his game tonight. I forgot about it.
If you have any great summer reciepes send them my way.
I have to get a few things done so we can put the girls bed together this weekend...they won't have new comforters yet, but I have a couple of ideas in my head to make....means on SUnday when Piper naps and Logan is at yet another bday party I will spend time in the craft room.....

I am going to read until the washer quits.


Piper has been wearing 'big girl' panties since last Thursday!
WE have only had like 2 pee pee accidents.
Poo Poo may take a little longer.

I am so very stoked!
We have had diaper in the house for 10 years now(well in October he was born)but I am so excited that I can't believe it.
You know how some kids get candy when they go? Well, not my girl, she wants...............................................................................................................

I love her.

Nothing too important

morning ramblings
I just finished GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner. Very funny novel. I have LITTLE EARTHQUAKES of hers to read, but I checked out 4 books at the church library thinking I was going to have a cast on... I think I can still read even though I don't have a cast.
the secret LIFE of Becky Miller
Renovating Becky Miller......both by Sharon Hinck
Once Upon A Gulf Coast Sunner....Susan Oliver
Patchwork Cirlce-Bachelor's Puzzle....Judith Pella
I bought about 5 books the other day at the Christaian book store and have misplaced Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel.....I am very bummed. I can find all the others, but not that one. I plan to read 10 books(novels)that are for pure enjoyment and 10 that are parenting/marriage/family books-not that I am failing in those areas, but I think you can always learn more.
We went swimming yesterday and the kids really want to go today- I need to check and see what the weather is going to be today.
I have a decision to make about going back to the preschool in the fall. I have an opportunitly to work for 10 hours a week making the same I make working 3 days a week-with a difference of only $5. Legitimate work, but I can't tell about it until I am sure. I wold not have to pay out the $150 for preschool that I will if I work at the preschool because my mom will take care of the girls for me. Which puts us ahead by $145 just to start and I could work more hours if needed. Daniel does not want me to go back to the preschool at all. He thinks this other job is better for us as a family as a whole. I miss being able to have play dates and just see my friends when I want. We will have to see.
I got a new chore chart and things that the kids have to do every day....they have a small bucket of shores that they pick one on Monday and one on Wed to do, if they have a consequence they can choose another one. They have to spend time with reading out of thier devotional each day, brush teeth, hair, put on deoderant, get dressed, pick up thier toys and books, put clothes away/in hamper, make bed....they have to when asked take out trash, load/unload dishwasher, spend time reading for 1 hour every day(all at the same time while Piper is napping), play with a sibling for 15 minutes, learn 1 verse per week. They also have to when asked-w/o coplaining taek out the trash, load/unload the dishwasher, pick up living room and Daily we will do a quick 15 minute pick up with crazy loud music before daddy gets home...just so he doesn't walk into a mess.
I started a summer journal-I am writing each days events and such. Just so later on the kids can look back and see it. I picked up a small $1 journal at Michaels with a gift card from a student and LOVE IT!
The kiddos are hungry, I am going to make pancakes for breakfast-we drank the rest of the milk for dinner. Ihave to get a grocery list ready so I can go to the store to pick a few things up. Logan will be 8 on Friday! I can't even believe it..