Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random thoughts

There are so many thoughts in my head that I want to get down on paper(screen).
I just don't really have words to make it all make sense.

Summer is here and we have really been enjoying spending time with my kiddos. I am baby sitting Jenna this week and next. Every two weeks I have her. She is so good. I am glad I have her, she needs to be around other kiddos since she is an only child. She is so quiet. Very different for me. She said on Monday....I am so tired of laughing! Cracked me up.

Dawson is supposed to find out tonight if he made the all-star team. I hope he did as he has improved so very mcuh this year in ball. The team won last night 11-4. they called the game because there was no possible way for the other team to win at that point.

Logan has games the next three nights. Dawson has a game Friday at 6-both of them play at 6 and I have consession. BLEH. means it will be crazy to try and watch the games...I might have to get a teenagaer to do my job in the consession!

I have to schedule 3 pool parties- Logan's party for his birthday party this weekend and then a baseball end of season party and then Gabi's 5th birthday party. Logan's will be in the afternoon that way I don't have to feed everyone...I don't mind feeding them, it's just easier not to! Gabi's will be little princess shaped cut sandwiches, chips,cookies and ice cream. She wants to do princess again and I can make sugar cookies with the princess cookie cutters as well. Ball team will be a cookout with us providing the meat and having each team member bring a side. I think we will have a better turn out than we did last year...better suppportive parents. I think this year of ball has been very good for my boys,they have both made a couple of very good friends. They have lots of friends at school and church, but none that we really hang out with and they have done more hanging out with frineds already this summer than they did all last summer.

THe Beth Moore study I have been doing is soooo very good! I needed it. I have been having a hard time with getting in my quiet time and keeping everything else going well...I know how much better things go when I spend the time in the early morning with God. I just get sidetracked so easily. Working on a better attention span! I really think I may be OCD and ADD all at once. I can't sit still, I can't handle silence...I need so sit and listen to God more.

Well, I better go. We are going to try to go to the pool and get a bit of swimming in before bad weather hits on Thurday. I sure hope it does it in the am so we don't have to cancel games this week...only 6 to go before regular season is over.

Have a great day and spend some quality time with God.

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