Saturday, July 26, 2008


Things have been so very busy since the start of July.

Gabi turned 5 on the 14th...she has changed our lives so much. She loves with her whole heart and she gets angry with her whole body. I think we may have many tearful times ahead with her as she is so very emotional. Daniel and I have decided to hold her out of school for one more year. She will go back to pre-k and is very excited!!! She is growing her hair back out and is so girly. She has learned to swim under the water and is turning into a fish!

The 3 olders will start swim lessons on Monday and I will sit in the baby pool with Jenna and Piper and tan while the teachers teach. Love that. We will take our lunches with us and stay when the pool opens at 11 and go home about 2 each day for naps-unless we need to leave earlier for tired kiddos...on Wed Gabi has her 5 year old check up...looking forward to that, as she will get her shots-4 in all. I want to tell her, but well, I won't until that day.

We had VBS last week and it rocked! I am exhausted, but it was worth every minute of it. I know that at least 5 children came to know the Lord. That is why we do it.

Dawson and Logan start football with a kick-off party on Friday, Aug 1st. They practices the next two weeks-very busy, but very much looking forward to the games!

School starts on the 18th. I went and got basic school supply list and it was $75-that is not shoes, backpacks, socks. ugh. I did have a friend at church who gave Logan a new pair of Tony Hawk tennis shoes that her ex-MIL gave her son and he didn't like. Logan tried them on and they fit perfectly! Love that. he even said, Mom, now you don't have to spend money on shoes! I hate that they know money is tight, but I love how he found the positive in it. The same friend also gave me a whole set for my bathroom-animal prints things-and it looks if the rest of my house was decorated nice....someday. So, I have to do shopping the weekend before school starts and I dread that. Everyone will be out, but well, that is when we can do it. Maybe everyone else will shop on tax free weekend...that would be good. 22 days to take care of all of it. Nice.

Daniel just re-shaved Logan's hair-cute mohawk boy! I love it on him....

Piper is now 100% potty trained other than at night and well, we just got Gabi out of pullups....

We3 celebrated our 10 year anniversary on going to the big family night for VBS at the church and Daniel being in the dunk tank...I was the first in his line!!! I missed, so I had to hit the button with my hand :oP

Our class went to Maria's tonight, but we didn't go.

I think it is bedtime....

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