Monday, September 28, 2009

another one bites the dust

Logan is down with the Flu.
I hate when they hurt and I can't do anything to help them.
Daniel took him to Urgent Care.
Dr said it was a fast, strong positive test.
Poor Logan.
I will be staying home with him on Tuesday.
I think Daniel on Wed....
they said he will be out of school 7-10 days!
I have nothing to say to that...
in a separate post, I have a bunch of cute pictures!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

on the mend

I am feeling better.
I had a sick Dawson this week.
101 temp at school Tuesday.
finally fever free today.
He was a good citizen and didn't get to be at the assembly.
this month was Respect.
Proud of him!

read a sad story of a new mom(just brought a baby home from the hospital)who passed away.
Very sad.
The husband has a new infant. Pray for him to feel the presence of God.

Waiting on a visit from our case worker and then off to dinner for Sammy's birthday.
I have a bunch of cute pictures to post, but have yet to upload them.
thinking about getting an external hard drive to store the pictures on...any ideas???

Monday, September 21, 2009

more changes

I cut 8 inches off of my hair...I have a picture, but I can't mess with it right now because I am sick.
I have sinusitis and bronchitis.
I feel crummy.
I want to go back to bed.
I want some hot tea and soup, and maybe bread.

My hubby stayed home to care for Piper who isn't feeling well either.
just got back from taking Sammy to the dr.
Now going to Walmart to get ???
I love that man!!!

I am going to curl back up on the couch and rest....

Sunday, September 6, 2009


September rolled in with out me even blogging! The weather here has been great. I changed jobs and have been super busy. Long weekend was very welcome to me since I was so tired. In fact I just woke up from a nice long nap!!! I slept from 2-5:30!!! We have nothing going on this weekend. it is great!
Wednesday, Awana started and there was an accident at the church and I ended up at the ER with the child and his father. It ended up with him having 7 stitches. He is doing well, in fact, he was at Chuck E Cheese Thurs night!!
I changed jobs and went back to teaching pre school. I am very happy and thankful for the chance to do it again.
I don't have any pictures to share. I just wanted to share good news.
We are also looking for a house to move into.