Friday, June 27, 2008

Missing Books(among other things)

I just can't seem to keep it all together. Just before school was over, I purchased a new book by Lisa Whelchel...taking care of the Me in Mommy. I was so very excited. I had coveted this book for some time. It was I think $20 or maybe a little under. i am cheap. I just waited it out and at the mall to pick up teacher gifts, I found it for $4.99!! I was so excited. I remembered taking it to preschool the last day to start reading it that morning, but as usual, we had a van full of fits before going into preschool(so very thankful I don't have to do that anymore!!!). That was the last time I saw it. I recieved a lot of gifts that day from parents and children(I will miss that :OP)and thought maybe it ended up in a bag in my room. Nope, I searched since then and today for some odd reason, I decided to look under my hope chect at the end of my bed. TADA!!! Why do things of mine seem to always disappear? I just dont' understand it.But, I have since read 3 chapters-don't fret, the children are either all sleeping or quietly playing in a bedroom(Logan is at a friends house). I think it will be very worthwhile and an easy read. God knew I really needed some taking care of this week!!!

WOW, this week has gone by so fast that I thought yesterday was Friday. It was not. ugh. In the last week, we have not had one night with out baseball. Even though it has been so crazy, at the same time it is a lot of fun. I love watching my boys improve over the season. I have no reason to complain.

Swimming has been good as well. We did not go on Mon or Tues and then we did on Wed and not yesterday due to the kids all getting a little red. By yesterday am, only Piper had a bit of red left. It is all gone this morning and we were going to swim, but it is calling for rain. Maybe on Monday.

This weekend we will be gone to play a tournement. We have a room reserved and the girls will not be going with us. I am looking forward to just being with the boys. It will be good for them and us! Not a lot else going on.

Getting ready for VBS. I am looking forward to seeing what God will do in this week.

I have not really seen or talked to many of my REAL IN LIVING COLOR IN MY TOWN friends this summer. It seems that I hole up with my kiddos each summer and I hope that all of my girl-friends understand, I just feel that it is what I need to do when they are out of school. Spend time with them. They look forward to it and so do I. THere are days that I feel like I am losing it, but those are not as close as when the girls were a couple years younger. It seems that the girls do enjoy Jenna being here daily-very few disputes between them. It makes me smile to see them play so well.....

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The O'Hare Family said...

Wow, you have been so busy. Send my congrats to Dawson on making the all stars. You are such a great mommy. Your children are very blessed to have you!

Have a great weekend!