Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimmimg today

was really nice and made me feel guilty all at the same time.
Let me explain.
Missy and I wanted to go and not be in the baby pool and just have some time to chat.
T came over to watch the 2 little girls and they were so excited because she was going to paint thier nails.
We went and it was a bit cool out and we sat and both of us, as we sat felt so guilty it was almost impossible to enjoy ourselves. We did in the end have a good time and the big kids loved that we sat near the diving board and they were able to show us dives(or what they called dives).LOL
We came home and the girls had a good time, so in the end all was well. It made me think that I like having all my kids with me. I know there are times I complain, but I do love all them with my heart and when they are all around me I am at my happiest(ok, most of the know what I mean if you are a mom).
I need to download a ton of pictures, so I better scoot off here for now....
Have a great night.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

getting ready to wrap it up

Summer that is.
I can't believe it is almost over.
2 surgeries, starting braces, VBS, baseball, swimming
hanging out with friends,
starting the adoption process..
lots of tv/game watching
It has been very nice, but hard all at the same time.
Baseball went long because Dawson made the all star team
Logan was not eligible since he played up, but next year we hope.
Sammy is no longer on house arrest,
she did her community service.
We are leaving on vacation on Monday night.
Mississippi and Florida
we are all so excited.
beyond excited.
Trying to empty the pantry and fridge out.
Thinking about starting to pack, but not doing it!
School supplies are bought as well as new lunch bags.
I have cleaned out the boys closest.
Dawson went up yet another size this summer(since spring!!!)
Still need to get shoes when we come home from vacation, or on vacation...
Celebrated 11 sweet/hard wonderful years with my hubby...
I can't even imagine what other people do on the 11 year mark,
we played Animal Crossing and FarmTown on FB! exciting are we not???
Doing the Esther Bible Study by Beth Moore...
thinking it is changing my life more each day...
need to down load pictures and finsh up the baseball ones and deliver them...ugh
Mamma Mia is on....I really like this one....
spaghetti and meatballs in the crock pot...mmmm
the boys are not playing football..
happy and sad about that one.
We are planning some camping trips...
we have not done anything except football for 2 falls,
so we are going to enjoy time off this year,
we will go watch friends play when games are home :o)
I am going to go cuddle with the kids and maybe read some more of this good book.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No swimming??

that is what Logan said today after his ear surgery. He was not happy and well, neither was mommy. He had to have a tube removed from his left ear that was stuck and when Dr Walker tried to get it out in the office, she had no luck. They had to give him some general anesthesia. She said even then it was tough to get out! But, I am praying that it will be the last time he has any ear surgeries!! He was scared to death, but is currently laying on the couch playing a video game...

VBS is this week. It always means a busy week, but it is so worth it to get to love on even the tiny babies who's mommies are working to teach children about God. 3 days down, 2 to go.

Piper had surgery last week to put 'shiny teeth' in her mouth. She had 8 caps placed on baby teeth that had some decay issues. She really just started eating again yesterday. I think a bit of it was attention, but I do know that it makes your mouth very sore. She even came out to Daddy this am and said, I even brushed my back teeth daddy!!!!! She was so proud.

I take Dawson to the orthodontist on Friday for his initial exam to see what all we need to have done. Not excited for that one, since I just paid out so much on Logan's surgery! At least the consult is free!!!!

Gabi turned 6 on the 14th! Where did the time go? She will be starting Kindergarten in a little under a month! It will only be Piper and I at home now. I remember taking a tiny Gabi to enroll Dawson in

I hope to do better about blogging until vacation, but then I will take a hiatus since we don't yet have a lap top...very excited to see all the Mississippi family!!! Well, I think i am going to make him nap with me for a bit ;o)