Friday, May 16, 2008

services are today

Funeral services are today for our friends from church that were killed in the tornado on Sat. night. Daniel will be home at noon for us to go on over to the church-the services are at 2, but with it being for 4 people, we figured we better head on over so we get a seat.
I never realized how much I really miss my daddy until this week. Every thing I feel for Kali that she has to miss by her daddy being gone, I have been there and done that and it is hard. I cried so much this week I don't know if there are any tears left. I am thankful we serve a soveriegn Lord and our friends are not suffering. I have a lot of emotions that I didn't realize I had never dealt with and now that I feel them, I understand why I shoved them back down. I am thankful Kali has a church family/friends to pray for/with her during this time in her life. She is a strong young woman because of the training she had in her home growing up.
God used her family in a mighty way in our community and will now use her to carry on the heritage they gave her.

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Five Little Peas said...

Hey Girlie,

Richard was hoping you would post about how the funeral services went. Unfortunately we had to miss for his brother's funeral. We miss you guys. It has been a sucky week, huh.


PS..thanks for the comments on my blog.