Monday, July 28, 2008

So I had a sitter here at 7:15 so I could take Piper to the dr this am . she is now in the like 2-5% on weight. At least she is on the scale!
come home, swim lessons from 10-11, so i make lunches since we will be staying for a while to swim. Get to the pool and Gabi's lessons were from 9:30-10! BLEH. So they boys do thier swim lessons from 10-10:30 and they did really good. Gabi proceeded to cry and carry on and say, "You ALWAYS make me late!" and then I just had to respond and tell her that every time she has made me late, that is how I feel. She continued to make me very crazy.
Left the pool at 2 and now they are all in beds. I know Gabi is not sleeping because I can hear her singing and I hear the boys playing the guitar. At least they are leaving me alone.
Pick up football equipment tonight. That only means one week until practive starts.
Where did summer go?????
I wish I could go for one day and lay out with no kids to interupt me. Selfish I know, but it's a nice thought.

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