Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need a new calender...

Today, all day, I thought it was Friday. Sad to know that I still have one more day left in this week. We had no plans for the day-read, NO swimming, as I won the parent of the year award and all 4 of my children aquired a bit of a sunburn on Wed at the pool. Piper is the only one who still shows any signs, so when we go on(the actual)Friday, she will have to wear her surfer suit. She loves it, but on Wed, I had no idea where the bottoms, they were found in the sock basket(please tell me everyone has a sock basket!!!)right where I put them.
We will be staying in Strafford, MO this weekend for a baseball tournement. I am very excted and we will just be taking the boys-too much for the girls and I would never see any of the game. Gabi is staying with a friend and Piper will stay with my mom.
Speaking of my mom, please pray, her Lupus is acting up and she isn't feeling very well....She has some sort of infection and is now on an antibiotic. again.
I just thought I should do some sort of an update. We have just been so busy with Baseball!

Dawson did in fact make ALL STARS!!!

He has been practicing and that is the team he will play with this weekend. 3 more weeks of baseball and then we start on Aug. 1 with football! oh,, and cheerleading at Planet Cheer-no more ballet for Gabi, but I do think Piper will be doing ballet. Since she is so little I think she would be so very cute!!!

I am so happy that I am not going back to the preschool this fall. I loved it, but I am excited to be going in the direction I am. I will be working a few more hours at the church!I will put in about 10 hours during the weekdays-helping with whatever Leetta needs me to do. Very excited.

My bed and pillow are calling my name!

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