Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More about that darn Tater Tot casserole.

So. Daniel did send the boys both to their room last night from the table. Then he went and talked to them. Logan came out and said he was sorry and could he have a new bowl(they have a bad habit of smothering their food in BBQ or ketchup before trying it-working on that, just did not catch it in time...)so I gave him a new bowl and he ate it. Dawson came out later started eating it and then was sobbing because he hurt my feelings.
I always try to have something in the meal that I know each person likes, just so I know at least they can eat something. Last night was Tater Tot casserole, um, hamburger, cream of potato and cream of mushroom add a bit of milk and tater tots. They eat everyone of those items! Never thought it would be a problem.
We have decided that we will go to eat what is cooked or not at all. I just have to get a handle on this now. I am not able to put ti in the fridge and make them eat in the am-ok, able yes, willing, no. I had this done to me when I was little and I vowed I would not do it to my children-I do believe it works, don't take me wrong, I just know how picky I was and well, that is how I started my bouts of bulimia, being forced to eat what I didn't like. I respect everyone of my friends, please don't get me wrong. I could also try to get them involved in menu making and the cooking more...I just have so many kids that it is a lot to think of all them helping-maybe one a day would be good. They could each pick a meal and then help with it...Thanks for all your great ideas!
I have 2 underweight children who don't eat enough at all(Piper is <25 and Logan is in 3rd grade and is maybe 50lbs) and a 5 year old who told me her thighs were 'fat' yesterday morning, add in one who -usually-eats every thing! We had a good talk about her being perfect in God's eyes and that is all that matters.
So, if you have time, shoot me some of your kids favorites so I can see if I can find some new things to try. It is time to make a new shopping list for Jan!!!


Jkhb said...

Brian had someone do that with the food and eating it in the morning and we both agreed not to do that. My family made us sit at the table until it was all gone. I tried to force liver down and it came back up. Sorry that was gross. I don't do either. I don't think that is so healthy either! I just ask my kids to try a bite. I don't think that is too much.

NeverEnoughTime said...

I remember falling asleep on many occasions and my grandma would put the food in the fridge and get it out for my breakfast. No way can I do that. I never forgot that feeling! I do ask that they try it, but we have always let them make a sandwich or cereal and it has just gotten to where they don't want to eat anything! Maybe I should not cook for one week and see if they get sick of sandwich and cereal??? kidding! HUGS

Jenn said...

I don't make my kids eat everything and I don't put it away and make them eat it later BUT, I don't make them (or let them) make something else, they can eat what we're eating or nothing at all. And when I haven't given them that much to begin with if they don't eat it all then they get nothing else later....that drives me crazy. That being said, I do know that 90% of my kids do not like rice, sometimes I make them eat it (some, when there are plenty of other things for them that they love) and other times when that would be a larger part of the meal i'll just make them noodles instead because they love them.

I know that some people just don't like some things but they can't 1 day eat it great and the next day try to tell me they don't like it LOL!