Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I can't keep up!!!
working and being a full time mom/wife is so much harder than I ever thought!
KUDOS to all of you who have done this for years!
HOW do you do it???
I need as many secrets as I can get :o)
The van broke this week...getting it back today and so happy.
i can't imagine not having a car. i have so much to do.
This week is Halloween...need to get cracking on the costumes parts....
need to get candy and such for my class on Wed for our party
and for the kids for the parties at school....

so, we are still alive....
just really busy....
no promises to do any better any time soon.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Planning...

This week I did two weeks of menus...
out of my new Taste Of Home Dinner on a Dime cookbook we will be having....
Ranchero Supper
Pork Chop Potato Dinner
Oregano lemon Chicken w/scallop potatoes
Black Bean nacho Bake
Italian Chicken Roll Ups
Shepard's Pie
hamburger Straganoff
Creamy Tomato soup w/ grilled cheese

old stand by's....
Race track Beans
meatloaf w/ corn, mashed potatoes
Chicken Nuggets with french fries
Speg & bread
fish planks w/mac and cheese

For breakfast...(they repeat)
hot chocolate and toast
french toast sticks(home made)
pop tarts(Sundays)

for lunches, either left overs or sandwiches....

with all groceries purchased plus the 1/2 hog that we picked up this week, we spent just over $200....BUT, the1/2 hog was not used in any of the meals, so that will help with the budget for the next couple months....I will keep you posted....