Thursday, July 31, 2008

The girl said I was bored.

Well, today I had to work at the church. By work, I mean make copies and cut pictures out, put away VBS items and the like. Gabi went to work with me. She needed to just be with me and well, Leetta was ok with that....see how this job is perfect for me!!! So we went and got the copies done and cutting done-all for the new program kicking off Sat night(the behind the scenes stuff that goes on) and then it was time for lunch. We decided on Bella Peppers. Gabi wanted a good salad, that sounded good to me! Leetta went with us and it was a very nice time. We headed back to work and I had a lot of random VBS items to put away...I did that and Gabi played in the sand box in the room I was working in....she was soon bored and asking 500 ???????'s. ugh. I was in the resource room and she went to Leetta's office and told her I was bored!!! I about died when Leetta came down with her and asked if I was bored...Bahahahahaha. I love her and that is one of those moments where I had to capture it in my head.

Then I went to mom's to pick up the kiddos that were there...they are so very good to me. I am very blessed to have them and at any moment I can drop 1-4 children off and do what I need to. They never complain. Today when I got there, my aunt had been to a yard sale and bought each girl a bunch of clothes-Piper had 12 month shorts on when I got there and they were a perfect fit!

Now I am home and I am sure my husband would appriciate if I get up and cook dinner.....for the first time this week-he has been cooking. GOtta love him.....I hear him putting water on to boil for my noodles....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Where is my money tree????

I think I got my first sunbun on my back today. The kids got a bit red and I applied sunblock 3x while we were at the pool fom 10-2(they were complaining because I slathered them up). I may have to try a different kind. It is Ocean Potion-spf40...maybe they didn't let it dry long enough...this is why I buy swim shirts, but they get sick of wearing them.

I did take Piper to the dr at 7:45 this morning. She is finally ON THE CHART!!! She weighs in at a whopping 27lbs now. 2% instead of under the chart. we have to try to do a urine sample, but I can't get her to do it so far...I don't want to to a catheter...those are no fun.

We picked up football equipment tonight. Then had to go get a couple of things at Academy, we still have to get game pants for Logan and cleats for both of them...I think we need to get him a pair of burgandy socks...and I think if I can find a rib protector...I think Missy said she might have one that they won't be using since Zach is not in football this year. We might need gloves too....Ugh, it is always right before school when they need all of this.

Speaking of school, I still need to get backpacks-I have a friend who has a Nike messenger bag that she said Dillon doesn't like, so I hope it will work for Dawson and then we will just have to get Logan one. Logan got those Tony Hawk shoes so only Dawson needs shoes. They still need socks. Other than that I have to find a bigger school box-not bigger than a shoe box, but not the small kind either. Picky teachers!

I have fogotten that my tags expire Thursday. Nice. One more thing to take care of this week. I need to sit down and write what I know we have in August so far...busy times...

I am so thankful that gas went down can keep dropping so I don't have to walk!! :oP

I am going to go lay down and read then watch a bit of TV.
So I had a sitter here at 7:15 so I could take Piper to the dr this am . she is now in the like 2-5% on weight. At least she is on the scale!
come home, swim lessons from 10-11, so i make lunches since we will be staying for a while to swim. Get to the pool and Gabi's lessons were from 9:30-10! BLEH. So they boys do thier swim lessons from 10-10:30 and they did really good. Gabi proceeded to cry and carry on and say, "You ALWAYS make me late!" and then I just had to respond and tell her that every time she has made me late, that is how I feel. She continued to make me very crazy.
Left the pool at 2 and now they are all in beds. I know Gabi is not sleeping because I can hear her singing and I hear the boys playing the guitar. At least they are leaving me alone.
Pick up football equipment tonight. That only means one week until practive starts.
Where did summer go?????
I wish I could go for one day and lay out with no kids to interupt me. Selfish I know, but it's a nice thought.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Things have been so very busy since the start of July.

Gabi turned 5 on the 14th...she has changed our lives so much. She loves with her whole heart and she gets angry with her whole body. I think we may have many tearful times ahead with her as she is so very emotional. Daniel and I have decided to hold her out of school for one more year. She will go back to pre-k and is very excited!!! She is growing her hair back out and is so girly. She has learned to swim under the water and is turning into a fish!

The 3 olders will start swim lessons on Monday and I will sit in the baby pool with Jenna and Piper and tan while the teachers teach. Love that. We will take our lunches with us and stay when the pool opens at 11 and go home about 2 each day for naps-unless we need to leave earlier for tired kiddos...on Wed Gabi has her 5 year old check up...looking forward to that, as she will get her shots-4 in all. I want to tell her, but well, I won't until that day.

We had VBS last week and it rocked! I am exhausted, but it was worth every minute of it. I know that at least 5 children came to know the Lord. That is why we do it.

Dawson and Logan start football with a kick-off party on Friday, Aug 1st. They practices the next two weeks-very busy, but very much looking forward to the games!

School starts on the 18th. I went and got basic school supply list and it was $75-that is not shoes, backpacks, socks. ugh. I did have a friend at church who gave Logan a new pair of Tony Hawk tennis shoes that her ex-MIL gave her son and he didn't like. Logan tried them on and they fit perfectly! Love that. he even said, Mom, now you don't have to spend money on shoes! I hate that they know money is tight, but I love how he found the positive in it. The same friend also gave me a whole set for my bathroom-animal prints things-and it looks if the rest of my house was decorated nice....someday. So, I have to do shopping the weekend before school starts and I dread that. Everyone will be out, but well, that is when we can do it. Maybe everyone else will shop on tax free weekend...that would be good. 22 days to take care of all of it. Nice.

Daniel just re-shaved Logan's hair-cute mohawk boy! I love it on him....

Piper is now 100% potty trained other than at night and well, we just got Gabi out of pullups....

We3 celebrated our 10 year anniversary on going to the big family night for VBS at the church and Daniel being in the dunk tank...I was the first in his line!!! I missed, so I had to hit the button with my hand :oP

Our class went to Maria's tonight, but we didn't go.

I think it is bedtime....

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Thank you so much Michelle for my new look!!! I love it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We thought this was FUN???

Well, it really is fun-up to the point the parents are fighting! I have never seen the likes of it. Little League is about fun right? I think all parents need to take a refresher course on what we really want our children to learn.
Last night we played Webb City. I think there were poor calls made by the upmire for both teams. There were pitches that while one boy was batting, were strikes and the same pitch next boy were balls. It was not consitant. I mean I could see it and well, I didn't know anything about ball before the boys played(well other than I liked the uniforms :oP ). Well, parents in the stands were yelling about each team and then after the game was called for weather, a few parents got in to an argument and it got physical. ? ? ? ? WHY? I want my boys to learn that you can play a competitive sport and want/desire to win, but even if you don't, be a good sport. You don't have to say unkind things to others in that situation. Play hard, play fair, but most of all give 100% and have fun!!! Toinght even when we were down 12-0, Dawson got up to bat and Daniel said, "Hey bud, put a smile on your face and have fun." He did, he got up on the plate, smiled, did his best and enjoyed himself! I think our children face a lot of very unnessassary stress to be the best, look the best, well, you get my point. Let them be children. Isn't it our job to train them to be respectful, kind hearted, Christ loving, responsible and productive young adults? Well, when we can't go to a baseball game, cheer them on and have fun ourselves, how in the world will they do it???

I got a nice little suprise today. Martha, the mommy of the girl I babysit and my new friend, came over and gave me an 8 piece setting of dishes!! They are solid white and I love them! She said Merry Christmas(just a little early :oP ). I am going to stick them all in the dishwasher in the am and then put them away! I am going to DAV/Salvation Army in the am to see if I can find any glasses and silverware. I think I might need to be on the look out for white canisters...they would look nice.

Tonight, I was starting the wash and had the kiddos in bed when Dawson comes running out and has lost a tooth. Goofy kid. He was so tickled. I asked him, um, do you want to put it under your pillow? He was like, No mom, just go ahead and give me the money in the morning!!! (We did tell them a while back because in looking for bandaids? he found my stach of teeth! What was I thinking keeping both things in the top drawer of my dresser???? ) Logan then comes running out and low and behold, he lost a tooth as well!!! They were literally laying on the floor laughing. I love them. I think they just finally fell asleep!

We decided to put the girls in pre-school M/W/F. They were very sad about not going and we are able to get a scholarship for them, so it won't put us in a bind. I love both the teachers-one is Missy S and the other is Kimmy who I worked with last year and she is great and Piper is so excited to go and be in school with Tori. Gabi gets to be Missy's 'special helper' since she was there last year and knows the drill. I think she will do much better with me not being in the building. I hope. We will still do BSF on Thursdays and Tuesday will be our play date days-so girls, keep those Tuesdays open! I am going to take Jenna to school on the days the girls go and pick her up and have her each day...I will make a few extra dollars to do that...maybe I can squeeze an extra date out of my hubby-one where we go and DO something instead of grocery shop!

I think we will go do a few errands in the am.....DAV, Salvation Army, Aldi and WalMart...maybe save WalMart for evening with just the girls while the boys are at ball practice...

I am starting to fade, I better go get in bed, morning comes to early these days.....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a Weekend.

Well, I hope you all had a great 4th of July! We spent so much time together this weekend that I think the kids thought we were losing our minds :oP We started off Thursday with a sick Piper. Not fun. She was crying saying her head hurt and then I gave her tylenol and she layed on my lap...then I could just tell....yep, she started throwing up. Only 4 times, but I made it to the kitchen floor before she started-hey, much easier cleanup than the carpet. But she did throw up on me...bleh. So, I cleaned up the kitchen and then I jumped in the shower...Jenna was here, so I did text her mom and she said it was ok. I really think Piper had a headache. Poor girl. I made a pallet on the living room floor for her9and me-you know easier to clean a blanket than the carpet)and she layed on it and had a bowl ready while she watched tv a bit. She did fine the rest of the day. I did have to make a call to a friend that we were not going to be able to go to her fireworks show and BBQ that night-I didn't think heat, a pool and Piper should be mixed, call me crazy! So, she said she could pick up Logan(his friend is her son) and I thought that sounded great-why ruin everyones night? Daniel, Dawson and Gabi were going to ball practice and then swimming at the coaches house. Around 10 that night, I texted her and told her Daniel was on his way and she called and said there had been an accident. Logan was apparently LIGHTING FIREWORKS and a roman candle blew up in his face. He was not crying until he got on the phone with me and then he was hysterical. I did not have any idea that the children would be lighting fireworks. We have only let our children light sparklers. I didn't ask, I should have but really never crossed my mind that all parents are not as cautious as me(I tend to be overly with fireworks as I myself am/have always been scared to death of them-I used to hide in that tiny spot behind/under the toilet on the 4th of July every year.)When Daniel picked him up many adults there had been drinking. Not cool. If you are going to let my kiddo light fireworks, please dont drink. Major lesson learned-not everyone(even those i very much trust)parent the way I do. We did take Logan to the ER that night. Corneal abrasions and a small burn on his nose. He is fine. He did say it taught him how serious fireworks are! Lessons learned for everyone.
On Friday, we got up and went to the store and got yummies for the pool. We went to the pool and swam for about 4 hours-ok, I layed by the baby pool watching the smallest of our crew play. It was a lot of fun. Then we came home fornap time and we finished watching the Astronaut Farmer and then watched Flicka. LOVED Flicka. It was so very good. Then we got around and went and played putt-putt. Piper was hysterical out there...she would putt the first time and then maybe one more and then look around and pick up her PINK ball and then put it in the hole and scream YAY!!! Adorable...We had so much fun. Gabi got 3 hole in 1's and I got 2. I took a bunch of pictures that I will have to upload soon. Then we went downtown and watched the fireworks-not as good as years before, but that is ok. Piper was again, hysterical. AS the 1st firework went off, she screamed, got in the van, covered her WHOLE body with her blankie and would not come out! We asked her if they were pretty and she said I think so!!!! Traffic was a nightmare getting out of there and then some guy tried to stand in front of our van to get his family out-um, like they were stuck behind about 10 other cars...wait your turn. People are just so lazy it kills me. A car in front of us just kept sitting and sitting and then the family comes over ans starts loading all of the things. ugh. Drove though McD's and went home and ate. Slept in on Sat, decided not to swim and did nothing-Daniel stayed in bed all day watching tv-he deserves it, he works hard all week for us and well, I did house work-not much, but some. I had to work last night and they had a birthday party for a little girl we know who is turning one and so my poor hubby had that duty-I was told it was a tea party and well, it was not. It was to start at 6 and then when he got there, found out it was a BBQ and all of them were drinking-sense a common thread here? I don't have a problem with people drinking, but it was a 1 year old birthday party??? My children were invited. Daniel called and poor guy knew no one but the mom and dad. I felt so bad. They then picked me up and I ran in at Dillon's because Piper needed soy milk and I picked up donuts for this mornings breakfast. We got up-a tad late, because my hubby and I stayed up and watched a movie-went to church and then came home, I made lunch and we went and swam for a couple of hours. Came home rested, I went to work and Daniel took Dawson to ball practice....
I need to go to bed. I get in a habit of staying up late and I can't get up in the am...not a good habit since all of the kids think 7 is sleeping in!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I pulled an all nighter...and not on purpose.

Last night I could not sleep. Finally fell asleep around 2am and then about 5:30I woke up and have not been asleep since. Piper woke feeling sick, gave her tylenol and then she started throwing up. only 4 times, but we made a pallet of blankets on the floor and took it very easy. I think she had a headache. She was pointing to her head and saying it hurt. She seems to be better now.
I hope we get to swim on Friday. I have not been to the pool all week. My tan feels it.

I am thinking about joining this http:// Anyone know anything about it? I am really trying to cut some areas of spending w/o hurting my family.

Well, I think she is asleep, I am going to lay on the couch and wait for the rest of my family to get home-Logan is at a friends for a party for the 4th and Daniel, Dawson and Gabi are swimming at the All Star coaches house....