Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We thought this was FUN???

Well, it really is fun-up to the point the parents are fighting! I have never seen the likes of it. Little League is about fun right? I think all parents need to take a refresher course on what we really want our children to learn.
Last night we played Webb City. I think there were poor calls made by the upmire for both teams. There were pitches that while one boy was batting, were strikes and the same pitch next boy were balls. It was not consitant. I mean I could see it and well, I didn't know anything about ball before the boys played(well other than I liked the uniforms :oP ). Well, parents in the stands were yelling about each team and then after the game was called for weather, a few parents got in to an argument and it got physical. ? ? ? ? WHY? I want my boys to learn that you can play a competitive sport and want/desire to win, but even if you don't, be a good sport. You don't have to say unkind things to others in that situation. Play hard, play fair, but most of all give 100% and have fun!!! Toinght even when we were down 12-0, Dawson got up to bat and Daniel said, "Hey bud, put a smile on your face and have fun." He did, he got up on the plate, smiled, did his best and enjoyed himself! I think our children face a lot of very unnessassary stress to be the best, look the best, well, you get my point. Let them be children. Isn't it our job to train them to be respectful, kind hearted, Christ loving, responsible and productive young adults? Well, when we can't go to a baseball game, cheer them on and have fun ourselves, how in the world will they do it???

I got a nice little suprise today. Martha, the mommy of the girl I babysit and my new friend, came over and gave me an 8 piece setting of dishes!! They are solid white and I love them! She said Merry Christmas(just a little early :oP ). I am going to stick them all in the dishwasher in the am and then put them away! I am going to DAV/Salvation Army in the am to see if I can find any glasses and silverware. I think I might need to be on the look out for white canisters...they would look nice.

Tonight, I was starting the wash and had the kiddos in bed when Dawson comes running out and has lost a tooth. Goofy kid. He was so tickled. I asked him, um, do you want to put it under your pillow? He was like, No mom, just go ahead and give me the money in the morning!!! (We did tell them a while back because in looking for bandaids? he found my stach of teeth! What was I thinking keeping both things in the top drawer of my dresser???? ) Logan then comes running out and low and behold, he lost a tooth as well!!! They were literally laying on the floor laughing. I love them. I think they just finally fell asleep!

We decided to put the girls in pre-school M/W/F. They were very sad about not going and we are able to get a scholarship for them, so it won't put us in a bind. I love both the teachers-one is Missy S and the other is Kimmy who I worked with last year and she is great and Piper is so excited to go and be in school with Tori. Gabi gets to be Missy's 'special helper' since she was there last year and knows the drill. I think she will do much better with me not being in the building. I hope. We will still do BSF on Thursdays and Tuesday will be our play date days-so girls, keep those Tuesdays open! I am going to take Jenna to school on the days the girls go and pick her up and have her each day...I will make a few extra dollars to do that...maybe I can squeeze an extra date out of my hubby-one where we go and DO something instead of grocery shop!

I think we will go do a few errands in the am.....DAV, Salvation Army, Aldi and WalMart...maybe save WalMart for evening with just the girls while the boys are at ball practice...

I am starting to fade, I better go get in bed, morning comes to early these days.....

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