Thursday, July 31, 2008

The girl said I was bored.

Well, today I had to work at the church. By work, I mean make copies and cut pictures out, put away VBS items and the like. Gabi went to work with me. She needed to just be with me and well, Leetta was ok with that....see how this job is perfect for me!!! So we went and got the copies done and cutting done-all for the new program kicking off Sat night(the behind the scenes stuff that goes on) and then it was time for lunch. We decided on Bella Peppers. Gabi wanted a good salad, that sounded good to me! Leetta went with us and it was a very nice time. We headed back to work and I had a lot of random VBS items to put away...I did that and Gabi played in the sand box in the room I was working in....she was soon bored and asking 500 ???????'s. ugh. I was in the resource room and she went to Leetta's office and told her I was bored!!! I about died when Leetta came down with her and asked if I was bored...Bahahahahaha. I love her and that is one of those moments where I had to capture it in my head.

Then I went to mom's to pick up the kiddos that were there...they are so very good to me. I am very blessed to have them and at any moment I can drop 1-4 children off and do what I need to. They never complain. Today when I got there, my aunt had been to a yard sale and bought each girl a bunch of clothes-Piper had 12 month shorts on when I got there and they were a perfect fit!

Now I am home and I am sure my husband would appriciate if I get up and cook dinner.....for the first time this week-he has been cooking. GOtta love him.....I hear him putting water on to boil for my noodles....

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