Friday, June 6, 2008

No sirens!

Happy Birthday Logan!!! I can't believe 8 years has gone by already..

The sirens did not go off here like we were afraid of. I even had the laundry room ready for it! I put all the couch pillows and a heap of blankets...I figured if we had to bed in there, at least we could use those to protcect the kids if needed. I woke several time to thunder and a lot of lightning, but that was it. Thank you God for your protection. Please pray that Gabi will not continue to worry with every rain drop that we are going to have a tornado!! She is more than stressed.

TOTALLY random....if you have any idea where they sell little girl panties that run VERY VERY small, please let me know. SInce Piper needs panties, a lot of the 2T are still very big on them...I don't think I am up to sewing panties.

I made a huge mistake and have no child care for todays physical therapy appointment. I didn't realize my mom was going to be out of town! I have an appointment at 10 and one at 11. grrrrr. I think a friend might be able to do it, but they sleep late and I don't really want to call and wake them up. I will call at 9....I asked her about it the other day but don't know if she remembbered...she lives just a few blocks away and it would be on my way to the dr, but my mom is across town and with gas prices, every little bit helps...I really need to go shopping for Logan's b-day....
We are on the lookout for new living room furniture and a bigger kitchen table. I am trying to decorate the house a bit better...
Living red, white, blue with flags and Uncle Sam
Kitchen-red chili peppers- think red!!
1/2 Bathroom-??
Full Bathroom-Fishing
Boys-Sports(mostly done)
Girls-Girly, Girly, Girly(pink/white) need to cover lamp shade-paint bed, find shelving for walls to put pretty things on....

If any one had any old things to donate....I am in need!!!!

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