Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tidbits and then some

I don't remember the last time I did an update....I think about when school started.

Things have been so busy. The first week of school was good. The kids seem to both really like thier teachers. Logan has a new first year teacher and I hear she talks fast(he should be used to that, I am his mom after all!) Dawson has a great teacher...I don't even know how long she has been teaching, but for at least 25 years. We are getting along with the homework so far not so bad. We did have one night last week that was so tough. Thursday I think. but we managed to get it all done and still get a bit of sleep!

Daniel was in Phoenix all last week. He left on Sunday morning before church and that was very rough,. The kids were a mess at church. I had to walk away at one point! It was a very long week. I did realize just how very 'spoiled' I am and I will not apologize for it! God knew I could never be a single parent. I was having a hard time getting everyone to school and football practice, keeping the house up and cooking were the last things to take care of. If I had not had Chrissy to be here each night for the girls, I think I really would have lost it. I took them to mom's house on M, T, W and Th...2 days to work and 2 days when I was in charge of being at the pool for adult swimming hours(no complaint there!!!) Gabi got sick Wed night while I was working and stayed that way through Sunday morning. Just fever, no other symptoms. I had both the girls hair cut on Tuesday. They both look great. Gabi had about 6 inches cut off and it is at her shoulders with a little bit of an angle in the front-just a tiny bit longer in the front. Piper's is really stacked now and it looks like Beckham's hair(not sexy, just very stacked and sassy!). Daniel got back on Friday night and we were so happy to see him.

We had football on Sat and the girls went to mom's while we did that...I can't take them and see anypart of the game for the worry that one of them will be hurt. Then we went to Carino's and ate because I had coupons for the kids. Came home and had a family nap :o) I needed it. Then went to church. Sunday I was the only one to go to church because Gabi still had a low grade fever Sat night but was ok by Sunday morning....but I follow the 24 hour rule! Came home had a light lunch and then we went to the pool and stayed until 6ish and then came home and cleaned up and had a yummy dinner of biscuits and gravy(made by my main man!) Then we watched The Water Horse and had ice cream. We slept in on Monday and then got up and I cleaned up a bit then we went to the pool. It was so busy and the weather was perfect. I didn't want to leave, but at 5 we did and came home. I ran to get a few groceries and then my man again made dinner. This time he made Big Daddy's Funky Fried Chicken-amazing!!!! He is the winner of the Food Networks Next star show(not sure what the actual name was). It was so good. We ate and then took my mom and aunt dinner. Everyone loved it! Speaking of food, I need to get dinner in the crockpot....so my man doesn't have to cook again(don't let him fool you, he LOVES to cook and will do it anytime).

I went to storage and broght home totes to go through and purge things we don't need or have more than we need...I took like 8 trash bags of things to the WMU house this morning. I hope it will bless others. I have two bags for a friend who has a daughter that is just over 1. Found a tote I KNEW I had and thought I was losing it when I couldn't find it.

Piper thinks she needs a cookie, so I better go deal with her or it could get ugly here!!!

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