Monday, April 14, 2008

I forgot about this blog!

Wow, I really forgot that I had created this bolg. I have a LiveJournal that I have been blogging in since 2001 and I think it is really hard for me to think about leaving it, but I think I am going to give this a try to be my main blog. I don't think it will be an everyday update, but at least 2x a week.
I am married to my best friend Daniel for almost 10 years(this summer) We have 4 children, Dawson-9 1/2, Logan 7 1/2, Gabrielle(Gabi)4 1/2, Piper 3(in 2 weeks). We stay busy with Little League, ballet, football. We are very involved in our church. We would be nothing without the grace our Lord has shown us.
I work at a PreSchool and teach 3 year olds. I am the ChildCare Coordinator for our church as well. I only started at the Preschool this year...the girls love it and I only work 3 days a week. It is nice to have a couple of days off in the week since I am so used to being a stay at home mom. I miss it, but I know that I am where God wants me and I have to be obedient(unless I want to be miserable). I make hairbows for girls as a hobby-I enjoy it, but I have found out that I have severe carpal tunnel in my hands and if I do it too often, my hands go numb. Treatment for that may be in the not to far away future. I am learning to sew(again)and I love it. Cooking is fun, but not the cleaning up!!! I like the challenge of feeding my family on a certain budget and seeing what kinds of things I can come up with!
My hearts desire is to be the Christian wife and mother that God desires for me to be. I want to look back and know that I gave it my very best and that I put the important things first and did the work God had at hand for me. It is a work in progress. I am learning as I go. I have come a long way from the young girl I was 10 years ago. God is amazing and with His 'gentle' :o) prodding, I have changed into a woman I hope people are glad to call friend.
So, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy me 'Keeping It Real'.

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