Thursday, June 5, 2008

they enjoyed the bucket of chores!

I can't believe the way they were so excited to do the work....all but one chore got done.
I had to use only one consequence today-Dawson threw an attitude at me and so he had to pull one and it was to straighten the bookshlef. It looks very nice now.
I took a lot of time after making waffles and cleaned the kitchen really well-except the stack of things to get off the dishwasher and I will do that tonight. I will do that along with the stack of things on the computer desk. FUN times. NOT. But, I want to get all this little stuff done so that I can enjoy the kids. I will have one more week before I have Jenna for 2 weeks. I think that will help the kids not to get bored of me so fast. They love to have company over and I get paid for it.
I have to wait for the clothes in the washer to finish so I can get Logan's uniform in the dryer for his game tonight. I forgot about it.
If you have any great summer reciepes send them my way.
I have to get a few things done so we can put the girls bed together this weekend...they won't have new comforters yet, but I have a couple of ideas in my head to make....means on SUnday when Piper naps and Logan is at yet another bday party I will spend time in the craft room.....

I am going to read until the washer quits.

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