Monday, June 16, 2008


I am baby sitting for the next 2 weeks(last 2 weeks of every month int he summer)and so far, Jenna and Gabi are playing so very well together!!! I think it is really good for Gabi to have someone to play with.

We wanted to swim, but it is raining. I hope it won't cancel ball tonight. Then we just have to make it up. We have ball every night this week. ugh.

Doing this study
and really enjoying it. I hope everyone who is doing it is getting what God wants them to out of it.

This weekend was crazy busy. Ballgames, wedding, sleepovers(for the boys), birthday parties, fellowship with our small group(didn't leave church until 11:30 Sat night!!!), church....on top of Father's Day. I felt bad, Daniel picked OutBack and it was the worst food we have eaten out in such a long time. He napped and I cleaned the boys bedroom-have to do it while they are gone so I can get rid of things :o))

Today I am going to work on the craft/game/exercise room. It needs a major overhaul!! After lunch-leftover pizza-I am going to tackle it before nap/reading time.

Hope you are all enjoying whatever life throws your way today.

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