Monday, August 31, 2009

Pre School started today!!!

Piper started back to pre school today...loading up I didn't get the best face, but it got better as the morning progressed....

She ended up having a great day and was not happy when I drove up and I saw her say, "Oh, Crap." I think I better watch it...I know I say that when I am cooking!!!

Gabi had a great day and she even lost a tooth right after school! We went back in and got this amazing tooth to put the tooth in!!!

I also got a new job today...I will be going back to the pre school to work T/W/Th in a 'mostly' 3 year old class...some older 2's and some 4's who maybe just need a little more attention :o) I can handle that! I am so super excited! i know God's plans are so much bigger than ours :o)

For now, dishwasher is running, clothes are all washed/dryed/folded and I am going to bed!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Come on in, sit right down and lets have some fun!!!

Last weekend, we did some recycling while out on Sunday....Dawson's class is in charge of this at school, so he asked me to make me to make a box and I did! Funny how much paper you throw away-I didn't realize it until I had the box!!

My kids are having friends in today to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and just play. We have lived here for 8 years(in  October)and they just started asking. The same week we decide to move. That stinks. But, we don't know when/if we will find a place in the school district we want, so, while it lasts, I plan on enjoying every minute of it! 

Daniel went to pick up pizza at a new place in town, so when he gets back, we will be partaking of some yummy cheese pizza!!!

I have spent the morning reading some blogs(I love to read all about others lives)and cleaning up all my bookmarks while the kids played with the neighbor kids. I was trying not to be over bearing, so I kept busy as they all played in here!!! 

 This is good pizza!!!

going to go live life with my family!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


the past few days I have spent really deep cleaning things I let go all summer to spend time with my kids...I have given away 6 bags of clothes. I have recycled a box of paper. I have finished all rooms except the master bedroom...tackling that Friday. Oh, and the computer desk needs cleaned off...i will do that on Tuesday.
Well, I think God knew ahead(ok, I know he did) that I needed to be organized because we are going to look for a house to move into. Our rent went up by $100 and so, we think now would be the time. Ok, Daniel has thought we needed to for a while, but I never was on board. I was/am scared to death. BIG TIME.
The girls have never lived anywhere else. The boys don't remember living any where else. They have never had a back yard. We have never been able to paint a room. There are many things to be excited about.
We will be searching. Please pray for us. We would love to stay in the school district we are in. I changed schools a lot when I was little and I don't want my children to have to do that!!
Well, i have laundry to fold. need to get that done before kids get out of school!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A new School year!!

Well, the school year started this week. On Wednesday to be exact. I took pictures, but I needed a couple days to process it all. Strange I know. I was so excited to see them start, but really i miss them. I know the routine will be so good for all of us!

This is Gabi getting her back to school hair cut :o) as always, Hayley did a great job and she looks adorable....i didn't get pictures of anyone else, I was a bit busy corralling all of them!!

this is at open house the night before school started. Gabi was so nervous...again, no pictures of Dawson's class where we were doing a scavenger hunt and Daniel was in Logan's class.

This was the night before school. all items ready for school the next day!

On our way to school......

Here we go....only Piper will now be at home with Mommy-she will go to pre K on M/W/F and we will be home on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have BSF....

Not the best picture of me, but she all the sudden looked so big to me...I was having a hard time not breaking down and crying, but I knew if I did, she would lose it!

Look how much she looks like her daddy-

doing table work....

She chose her clothes on her own...I would have chosen a dress and bow, but I am trying to let her have control(to a point)of her clothes and such...She has received greens all week and has even been able to help her teacher every day!!! She is one of the tallest in her class, but I am not surprised with the growth she hit this summer

Sweet Gabi, I pray that you will blossom and shine your sweetness on those around you. You are amazing and anyone you come in contact with is so lucky to be around you. You have a zest for life that I hope you never lose. Keep learning and laughing sweet one.
Mommy loves you.

oh, this is a funny story. We stopped at this gas station in Ocean Springs to gas up and change into our suits(I didn't think about the bath houses all being gone from the hurricane, so there were only porta potties on the beach). The boys went out to get their trunks from the van and were coming in and an RV was pulling around and they ran across the parking lot, well Dawson just kept running....right into this WET concrete!! I looked up from paying and he was standing there by that bucket just sobbing. He thought the man was going to yell at him and I was going to be mad because my flip flop(that he took over because he can now wear them)was stuck in there!!!!! Well, the man did not yell and we got the flip flop out and got him and the shoes all cleaned off and had a good laugh :o)

the next day...

we went to Destin. now if you know me well, you know I don't love water, so when I saw the size of the waves that day, I was more than a bit panicked...but I put on a smile(I think)and we went on....
these are not in any real order, just some shots we got that day...

Notice that in the water, Piper is on my hip as she was not a super huge fan of the waves either! At one point, Gabi was on the boogie board and it went flying, she went under...I was scared, but she came up and wanted to do it again!!!
They all had a good time...Florida was great. We headed back to Mississippi and on Monday we did nothing, but hang out. Tuesday we headed home and Wed. we went to the pool, where, even after being washed, Daniels swim shirts still had seaweed in the pockets...LOL. It was a great vacation.
We were very happy to see this sign :o)

this was a great welcome.....

We don't want to mess with swimsuits...

it was raining when we were ready to get on the boat, so Christie got out the snow cone make the keep the kids happy....
Daniel was getting the girls all ready to board the boat...

sitting on the boat, before the sun decided to come back out and it was a perfect day to be out on the water and find a private spot to spend the day....

Where the kids had a blast!!
a little sand boarding....

Corey helped to get the grill going and lunch cooked.

Piper was fixing a cold drink...

Gabi and Uncle Butch on the jet ski...she is her daddy's child, she loved it!!!

Just enjoying being out there....

I was trying to make a sand castle with her, but she wanted to go play in the water....

so, I sat and watched them all play for a bit

Then Dawson was doing some singing ;o)

this is what the little ones did on the way back....they were beat, but they did get a second wind.
This is Big bird, he was waiting to greet us at the dock.