Monday, August 11, 2008

Football crazies...

This weekend went way to fast. Rain, rain and more rain. I did manage to get a lot done in the house.

We are awaiting the news of what teams we have been placed on for football...they were to be announced at 10am and have still not been posted. make me nutty.

I simply cannot believe that school starts one week from today! That seems crazy. Where did summer go?

The boys have practice with the high school team the next three days. I think we will hang out at home today and swim on Tuesday since we will have 2 extra boys with us. On Wed, I am going to take the girls to mom's and the boys will go with me to my friend Netti's to swim and hang out. I have to work on Thursday and then swim on Friday and Sat...then bam. School.

I can't type with the kids behind me, so I should go and think about lunch and watching a movie with them....
until a quiet time.

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