Monday, August 31, 2009

Pre School started today!!!

Piper started back to pre school today...loading up I didn't get the best face, but it got better as the morning progressed....

She ended up having a great day and was not happy when I drove up and I saw her say, "Oh, Crap." I think I better watch it...I know I say that when I am cooking!!!

Gabi had a great day and she even lost a tooth right after school! We went back in and got this amazing tooth to put the tooth in!!!

I also got a new job today...I will be going back to the pre school to work T/W/Th in a 'mostly' 3 year old class...some older 2's and some 4's who maybe just need a little more attention :o) I can handle that! I am so super excited! i know God's plans are so much bigger than ours :o)

For now, dishwasher is running, clothes are all washed/dryed/folded and I am going to bed!

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