Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Vacation was GREAT!!!

Monday-we got a late start because Daniel had to work late, so he was unhappy and the kids were going crazy to get out of here! We left and got on the road about 8:30ish. The drive was long, but the kids slept most of the way and that was nice. We did wake the ones who were sleeping when we were going over the Mississippi and Piper asked how many more inches until we got to Grammy and Paw Paws!!! We got a good laugh at that one. Shortly after, we stopped to get gas and have a potty break on the other side of Memphis(we had not yet stopped!!) We went into the store and used the potty and were getting drinks. I was filling one up and the attendant asked if I knew the man who had just been in. No, I told her. I had only really caught a glimpse of him. Then I asked if he did something or one of my kids was rude to him? Nope she said then I thought she was just trying to help me and carried the drinks over to the counter. When we put the rest on there, she said the man had paid for all our drinks and all we had to pay was the gas. He told her he had received a blessing and wanted to pass it on!!! I felt so bad and so blessed all at once. We loaded up , the kids went back to sleep and we headed on down the dark Mississippi high way. Daniel asked me to take over in Hattiesburg , so I did and we arrived in Picayune at about 8:15ish...less than 12 hours!!!
Tuesday-Once we arrived, we turned the kids over to Derek and Stephanie and went to sleep until about noon. We woke up and the kids had been fed and were playing. The rest of the day, we just chilled out at the house.
Wed-We went over to Christie and Corey's place and swam and ate lunch ;o) it was a lot of fun.

Thursday-we went to the coast. We decided to drive down the coast and see what it was looking like and to show the kids where we lived down there...that was fun, but made me miss it so much. This a shot of what they have done with the trees that were ripped apart during the hurricane-they have carved them into different animals, it is very neat...

Then we actually headed to the beach...the kids all had a blast, as did mom and dad. We had a Black Hawk fly over the beach and wave to the kids-very cool, but I was in the water, so I did not get a shot of it!
Friday we headed to Florida....I am going to separate the entries, so they are not to picture heavy....

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