Friday, August 21, 2009

A new School year!!

Well, the school year started this week. On Wednesday to be exact. I took pictures, but I needed a couple days to process it all. Strange I know. I was so excited to see them start, but really i miss them. I know the routine will be so good for all of us!

This is Gabi getting her back to school hair cut :o) as always, Hayley did a great job and she looks adorable....i didn't get pictures of anyone else, I was a bit busy corralling all of them!!

this is at open house the night before school started. Gabi was so nervous...again, no pictures of Dawson's class where we were doing a scavenger hunt and Daniel was in Logan's class.

This was the night before school. all items ready for school the next day!

On our way to school......

Here we go....only Piper will now be at home with Mommy-she will go to pre K on M/W/F and we will be home on Tuesdays and Thursdays we have BSF....

Not the best picture of me, but she all the sudden looked so big to me...I was having a hard time not breaking down and crying, but I knew if I did, she would lose it!

Look how much she looks like her daddy-

doing table work....

She chose her clothes on her own...I would have chosen a dress and bow, but I am trying to let her have control(to a point)of her clothes and such...She has received greens all week and has even been able to help her teacher every day!!! She is one of the tallest in her class, but I am not surprised with the growth she hit this summer

Sweet Gabi, I pray that you will blossom and shine your sweetness on those around you. You are amazing and anyone you come in contact with is so lucky to be around you. You have a zest for life that I hope you never lose. Keep learning and laughing sweet one.
Mommy loves you.


BOWquet said...

such sweet pictures!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What super sweet pictures....Loved your blog..