Friday, August 21, 2009

oh, this is a funny story. We stopped at this gas station in Ocean Springs to gas up and change into our suits(I didn't think about the bath houses all being gone from the hurricane, so there were only porta potties on the beach). The boys went out to get their trunks from the van and were coming in and an RV was pulling around and they ran across the parking lot, well Dawson just kept running....right into this WET concrete!! I looked up from paying and he was standing there by that bucket just sobbing. He thought the man was going to yell at him and I was going to be mad because my flip flop(that he took over because he can now wear them)was stuck in there!!!!! Well, the man did not yell and we got the flip flop out and got him and the shoes all cleaned off and had a good laugh :o)

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