Saturday, August 29, 2009

Come on in, sit right down and lets have some fun!!!

Last weekend, we did some recycling while out on Sunday....Dawson's class is in charge of this at school, so he asked me to make me to make a box and I did! Funny how much paper you throw away-I didn't realize it until I had the box!!

My kids are having friends in today to watch Wizards of Waverly Place and just play. We have lived here for 8 years(in  October)and they just started asking. The same week we decide to move. That stinks. But, we don't know when/if we will find a place in the school district we want, so, while it lasts, I plan on enjoying every minute of it! 

Daniel went to pick up pizza at a new place in town, so when he gets back, we will be partaking of some yummy cheese pizza!!!

I have spent the morning reading some blogs(I love to read all about others lives)and cleaning up all my bookmarks while the kids played with the neighbor kids. I was trying not to be over bearing, so I kept busy as they all played in here!!! 

 This is good pizza!!!

going to go live life with my family!!!


Bernie said...

The design of your blog is very nice!

NeverEnoughTime said...

thanks so much! a sweet friend did it for me!!! thanks for stopping by :o)come back again...