Thursday, August 27, 2009


the past few days I have spent really deep cleaning things I let go all summer to spend time with my kids...I have given away 6 bags of clothes. I have recycled a box of paper. I have finished all rooms except the master bedroom...tackling that Friday. Oh, and the computer desk needs cleaned off...i will do that on Tuesday.
Well, I think God knew ahead(ok, I know he did) that I needed to be organized because we are going to look for a house to move into. Our rent went up by $100 and so, we think now would be the time. Ok, Daniel has thought we needed to for a while, but I never was on board. I was/am scared to death. BIG TIME.
The girls have never lived anywhere else. The boys don't remember living any where else. They have never had a back yard. We have never been able to paint a room. There are many things to be excited about.
We will be searching. Please pray for us. We would love to stay in the school district we are in. I changed schools a lot when I was little and I don't want my children to have to do that!!
Well, i have laundry to fold. need to get that done before kids get out of school!!!

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