Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer List

I saw this idea in a blog I read, so I am blog lifting it....I think we will add some more as we go, but this is a good start.

1. BaseBall
2. go to the Tulsa Zoo
3. Swimming, Swimming and more Swimming
4. go for walks in the evening
5. make smores
6. eat dinner outside
7. GO Camping
8. Go to Mississippi
9. Go to Florida
10. Go to VBS
11. Hike the Frisco Trail
12. Go Fishing
13. read a book as a family
14. Eat Shake's Custard
15. watch Fireworks
16.Game night once a week(NO TV ON!)
17. go to George Washington Carver's home and tour
18. Putt putt golfing or glow in the dark golfing
19. Go on a picnic
20. Go see a movie
21. Youth Camp/Basketball camp
22. make a flag cake w/little girls help
23..redecorate some of the house
24. Read, Read, Read
25. take naps :o)
26. make kool aid
27. have friends over for dinner
28. make friendship bracelets
29. go to the library
30. have a movie night
31. go bowling
32. ride the trolley
33. go to the drive in
34. go see a play
35. spend the night with friends
36. eat at Freddy's

I didn't put things that we do on a regular basis on and the like, because we know we will be doing that... excited to see how many we can cross off ;o)


Jkhb said...

Umm your gonna need a nap to accomplish all of that! Have you read cheaper by the dozen to your kids, my mom use to read to us in the car, you know before all the electronics you could have. and I thought you didn't like fireworks? We always go on the 4th and have a blast you are welcome to come join us at ozark where we sit. It is calmer than the park. Love your list hope the money holds out. The girls want to camp too and I am always up for the zoo, we love zoo's the Denver one is good and so is St. Louis one, Tulsa is good too. Be prepared for a all day thing. love ya!

NeverEnoughTime said...

the list is for the whole summer silly! I don't like fireworks, but from a distance they are not bad...think we may go camping that weekend;o) We have a Miss Piggly Wiggly set we want to read that I got for the kids. I told them I was making no promises and we might do the New Orleans Zoo if we have time when we go go Mississippi. Have a good one...