Friday, May 15, 2009

BaseBall days

We had a game tonight and we actually got to play! Dawson pitched and pitched a no hitter!!! they won 10-3, so they were happy. It was nice that we finally got to play. When our game was over, the team that was getting ready to play has some of the boys friends, so we were going to watch for a few minutes, well, both teams needed a kid to play, so they asked our boys to play :o) they were so excited. The team Logan was on ended up winning, so he was so happy.

Logan is struggling a little with multiplication tables, so we have to work really hard on 8's and 9's this weekend. please pray for him(me too, because Math is my least favorite subject, so it is hard for the both of us.)

I took so many pictures tonight that I filled my camera card! I hope I got some really good ones!! I am uploading them now. I have to get better at every night doing that so I have plenty of space.

I talked with a woman who is getting ready to be a foster parent and is a Christian woman/mom. It was really nice. Her son is on our team, plus she has a 4 year old little girl. I hope this is a start of a good friendship.

Speaking of friendships, it is strange, I tend to not have many friends who I don't go to church with or BSF with. I mean, I have a few, but how am I going to share God with the world, when I am in a little bubble. I have to get better at this....

Well, it is late and I need sleep, I am going to a wedding in the am :O)

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Jkhb said...

There are some online games to play that will help him learn and pratice the muliplication tables, if I recall you can tell them which ones you want to work on. There are also songs to help you learn them I think you can just play them online with out buying them.