Sunday, May 3, 2009


I really wish I felt better. I think I have had a long few months and it is really hitting me. I am excited that Sammie gets to go to school in the am and I am going to drop the girls off, come home, turn on the radio really loud and clean the house.
I have a few small projects to work on Monday and then on Tuesday, I think i am going to tackle the boxes of junk(they were in Sammie's room before she moved in back in Nov. and I have yet to do anything to them). I can do that one box at a time with the girls home.
Tonight I am going to clean off the papers on the desk-when I get done with this post. I really want to just read blogs--it's a bit of an addiction--I know. I love to see pictures that others take and how others decorate the spaces in their homes.
Church was amazing last night. The sermon was just what I needed. I do want to see myself as God see's me.
I think the summer is coming so fast that I have to get ready to have all 5 home every day, all day! I know we will swim and do baseball, but I don't want the summer to pass by and wish we had done more. I know we plan on camping several weekends!!! I can't wait for that.
Piper's birthday party went really well. The kids all had a good time-even the big ones who helped run the games!! Piper was fun to watch with her friends from preschool.
Well, i better get off here and get busy on the desk...lots of paper to go through!

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