Wednesday, May 27, 2009

summer is ALMOST here!!

I am sooo excited that summer is right around the corner. Baseball is in full swing, the pool opens on Sat. and I am another year older.
Memorial Day weekend was good. We started off by taking Logan's to a friends house to stay the night and then we went to the Robertson's for dinner and hanging out. We left Dawson there and brought Lauren home with us. The two little girls and Lauren watched a movie in the living room and had a slumber party in there. They seemed to have a lot of fun. Sat am we slept in a little and then got everyone around and went and got donuts!(hot, fresh, yummy). We went to a few garage sales-didn't find too much. Did score a new Knex set for the boys...2,400 pieces! FOR $5. I was stoked. a few other little things, but nothing else exciting! Then we went and traded Lauren for Dawson and then got Logan and went to my Mom's to see her-she didn't answer, so we left and went to a few more sales. Then we had lunch at Fuddruckers. Then we went to Target to get swimsuit for Sammy. Found a really cute on. Also found me a cute black one. then to Old Navy for the $1 flip flop sale. Got a few pair for Sammy and then got each of the other kids a suit. Gabi got a really cute bikini :oP it is soo fun! Dawson got a large, but we had to go on Tuesday and exchange it for a medium. Then we went to see my mom and then ran home, got our Bibles and headed to church.
Sunday, everyone went back to church because I was short handed and needed Daniels help. Went to Garfields after and then came home to rest before going to a birthday party for a baseball friend. I really like his mom and I think we have a lot in common. Gabi's teacher Barri was there-she is neighbors with the family! What a small world. We played, talked, ate, talked some more. It was great! hope to spend some more time with them this summer. It is really hard to find places that all the kids are happy when your kids range from 16 down to 4! makes it a bit more of a challenge!
Monday we went to a Royal's baseball game. It was fun. They lost, but it was a good time. we were in the very last row of the stadium! but, when it rained, we did not get wet. The kids all had a good time and I just want to make happy childhood memories for them. I slept on the way home because it was raining and I know Daniel is a good driver, but I get too nervous in that weather. We stopped by mom's on the way in to check on her, then home, showered and bed.
This week is going way to fast, I can't get it all done. Oh well. It is what it is. I love summer and the pool :o) many things to decide over the summer...
Lord help us to stay in Your will.
Please order my days that I may make You proud.

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