Friday, May 29, 2009

little blessings

I find it funny that when you least expect it, God sends a little blessing your way. This year I only knew a couple of the mom's on our baseball team going into the season. I don't always go to the practices, I mean, the girls don't need to be out there for that, right? So, I am always polite to the other parents, but it just seems that I never really get to know them. This year I told myself I would do better. I started talking to one mom who we will call S. We have SO much in common! She and her hubby even just got certified to become foster parents!!! We went to their son's birthday party and had a great time last weekend. Now, Daniel and I don't have a lot of friends with whom we are close to, a few sets, but you know, a lot of times, I might be really close to the wife, but the guys just don't hit it off or vice versa. Well, this time I think we all get along. They have the son who is Logan's age and a daughter who is Piper's age. They all play very well. We have made some plans for the summer and I am really excited.

Tonight, S brought us clothes for the boys for next fall/winter. Like I won't have to buy any shirts for either boy. I already had jeans! there were church shirts as well and a few sweaters. She also gave me a bunch of shorts and short sleeve shirts for now and a slew of shoes. An extra little blessing. I don't buy clothes much for the kids, I usually swap with others and it has been so helpful with having 5 kids. I love passing things on and getting different things back. I know Missy and I have swapped clothes that have now gone through all 4 of our girls and I have then seen them on one of my friends little girls! I know she passes them on. Kids grow out of clothes so fast that I don't have a problem with hand me downs.

Ok, that got off a bit. I am heading to bed now, we are getting up and swimming in the am!!!

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