Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I didn't see my day being this way

I am feeling blue.

yesterday, my mom was not really being herself.
she was confused.
talking nonsense.
It got worse today.
after my lunch with Leetta, I had to FORCE her to go to the ER.(Leetta can tell you, she was fighting me every step of the way...to the point of telling me to wait for 12 hours to take her!!)
that, my friends is no easy task.
She was still in her night gown and was refusing to get dressed.
she did, but it was tough. she was shaking and she was having a hard time functioning and I was really worried about a stroke.
got her to the ER and they brought her right back.
her oxygen level WITH HER OXYGEN on was 70.
they asked me if the tank was on, um, yes, I had just put a new tank in and I did turn it on. the took us right back to a room. they were asking her questions and then she just kind of had a moment and her stats dropped again. the dr asked her if she would be ok with a breathing tube. she consented, which was good because I would have over ridden what she said since I have power of attorney. So, all these people start running around and they whisk me out of the room and I see people from all areas running to her room. Very scary. my younger sister was in the waiting room, they went out to get her, but never came back with her. I stood there and cried and prayed. finally the dr came to talk to me and as she did, my sister came back. mom's co2 lever was way high-like double the norm and she has pneumonia in her right lung. They put her in the ICU and have her heavily sedated...when we went in, she was trying to pull out the tube and talk....so they turned up her sedation even more. After much debating with my hubby and sister, I went home and got some much needed sleep-not much sleep, but I am back up here and had forgotten to post this....
hoping and praying she is on the path to recovery.

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