Saturday, March 20, 2010

moved to a rehab center

It happened on Wed night.
She went to a nursing home-for rehab
She was not happy, I left in tears
I got in a fight with the head nurse the second night
they were just pushing her too fast and I had enough
then I fought with my hubby
I got mad at a sister,
I offered on Facebook that anyone wanting to fight, bring it on
I just needed another big fat cry

still waiting on a date for my surgery
that has been rough not knowing

The 2 little girls were in a wedding today..
in the snow and ice
with sandals and sleeveless dresses on
but it was beautiful
they are applying lip stick for a photo session with me-that they were just not feeling after the photos with the 'real' photographer!!!

A lot on my mind and in my heart.
it has been really hard to be gone from my kiddos, but I know that I am teaching them compassion and sacrifice...I would want them to be there for me in this situation...
I hope that they understand that....

I have been reading THE SHACK to her during the day...she likes that....
Need to go get real groceries, not just enough to get by...but that takes time that I have not head recently...

Catching up on some DVR'd shows...AI and such....

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