Saturday, February 27, 2010

time flies...

I have been under the weather for a couple weeks now.
Just can't seem to shake this sinus crud.
May have to break down and go to the Dr next week.
the cough is annoying everyone.

I got the phone call from the Dr that my surgery will be March 16th.
that is the week of Spring Break.
But, she got sick and had to reschedule so much that it bumped me out.
So, Daniel is taking off the day of the surgery and then some the next week when I am out of the hospital.
Kids are all staying with friends the night of the surgery so he can stay at the hospital with me.
i am not so nervous about the surgery itself as the moods that are sure to come after...uh oh. brace yourself for might get very bad.

Mom seems to be doing better. Not much, but enough that the Dr is not needing to see her every week. We had such a good time on Thursday when she had an appt with the pulmonologist...we also had to go to an office in the main hospital and we parked, took the 'tunnel' over to the main hospital and got lost in some office area of the hospital!! haha. then Daniel needed to pick up papers and brought me lunch so we sat in the lobby and talked and ate and just enjoyed being together. These are the times I love!!!

Then, I got an email from the youngest son's teacher. Seems he has some missing work...funny since I see him doing it and all. THEN, like really, 3 minutes later, my phone rang and it was the oldest teacher and he had gotten into some trouble with another child from his class-just for the record-DON'T GO ALONG WITH EVERYTHING YOUR FRIENDS SAY AND DO, IT MIGHT COME BACK TO GET YOU....MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!! we got it all worked out and we are on track again. oh, the day before the teenager came home with her hair markered in and her pants had drawings and writing all on them. sometimes I just they listen at all???

Friday, I took Gabi and she got 2 fillings. She did great. Mouth seems to be a bit tender, but not so much she can't eat :o)

We got to hang out with some of our favorite people Friday night and eat homemade pizza and just be. I love getting to just hang out and be together, with no expectations and being able to be real-good bad and ugly. This a relationship that will always withstand anything and I am so thankful for that. Good, true friends whom both you and your spouse enjoy being around are hard to find, so when you do, make them so very special!!

Today we had a family meeting and set up a new chore and ticket system and them set them off to work. they did a good job. The girls room needs some TLC from the parents, plus our room is getting a to look better and make it easier for me after surgery to get around it...did I mention that with the help of Sarah, I DEEP cleaned the kitchen-emptied out each cabinet and drawer..even the pantry. give away bags totaled 7, trash totaled at least 5. It looks great and we have managed to cook and eat and it is still clean 4 days later-I say that is a record!!!

So, yep, that is about all that is going on. nothing exciting and crazy. just being a mom, wife, daughter and friend. Keeps me busy, keeps me going. God is amazing the way He is working things out!

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