Monday, February 8, 2010


I just want to remind myself what i want to post about in the am, because well the meds have kicked in.....

so that was last week when I said I wanted to do this.....

I had the surgery on Monday.
check in at 8:30, surgery at 10:30.
got checked in, sitting in waiting area while Daniel prayed over me.
called me back and I got changed into some fabulous hospital attire.
got vitals all checked-excited that I had lost 2 more pounds.
went over history.
my friend, the anesthesiologist, who really is a friend, came in...left, came back and said they would indeed be giving me a general. I did NOT want to be awake at all and hear anything!
they were a little freaked that I had put a plastic stud in my nose after removing my nose stud :o)
that tickled me, so I told K, the friend and she said not to worry, if there was an emergency, she would be going for my throat, not my nose :oP
had to rinse my mouth with this awful mouth wash.
IV time...this is where I get nervous!!!
but, I was happy to get a numbing shot(which is only saline)so i didn't feel the needle for said IV at all...that made me happy.
they wheel me into the operation room, which was ice cold, but they have those nice warm blankets that they put on you. I was moving onto the operation table and flashed everyone. to make myself feel better, I just said, not like you are not getting ready to see my everything.
noticed the big screen where they would be watching what was going on, said as much and one of the -10- people I could see in the room, said nope, we are going to watch some tv while she does surgery :o) I remember K telling me to breathe regular, then to take a deep, I only remember that I did one time, then I woke up to the Dr telling me they were unable to do the procedure...I was still in main recovery and well, I cried. hard. like the I can't breathe because I am so upset. you go through all of this and then they can't do it.
now, in my mind, I have only been out for a few minutes. not so. they had 'tried' to do the procedure for about an hour. Poor Daniel was in the waiting room scared because they said it would be 15 minutes. made me feel bad for him, the not knowing. Then, I had to, not happening on a bed pan! so, then eventually, they took me to secondary recovery and told me I was going to room 3, but well, there was a husband waiting and it was not my husband...he was gray haired and I am sure very nice, but alas he was not mine. ended up they put me in room 1. my hubby was there waiting and had talked to the dr, so he knew by this point. stayed for a bit, drank some, flat diet pop. got dressed, wheeled me out to our van.
I remember coming home and just hurting. Laying down in our bed and hurting. Not sure if i was in real pain or sad pain that now, we have to go back and schedule a hysterectomy. but, I know there is an end in sight to the problems I have been having for so long now and I am ready. I mean, they said I would never have children-I have 5! I am blessed. the week was hard. Daniel had to go back to work on Tuesday, I couldn't drive, so Piper and I literally laid in my bed and watched tv. Wed was not much better. I still hurt so much. very early Thursday morning-like before the sun was up-I was freezing. Like shaking. I started running a fever. good thing Daniel can pop in and check on me and Piper, because I was really sick. Friday, the kids had 1/2 day of school and the younger 3 had parties. i went, then took mom to have blood work done....then dinner out with the family, then to purchase new shoes for the the time we were done, I was so tired. beat. done. but, sleep would not come. ugh....hate when that happens. the pain is getting less each day. that is always nice.

we go in on Monday to talk about when the surgery will be. the kids are out of school for Presidents day and hubby is off work. We are going to do a bit of deep cleaning around here during the day, then my appt, then I must grocery shop or the troops may turn on me!!!

GREAT sermon today at church....much that can be applied to our lives in parenting, loving our spouse and others. I am a mess today. I think I am getting a sinus infection because the right side of my face is swollen and hurts...even my eye.

Did take Izzy to get her nose pierced...looks great! I can't believe I have had mine a year.

well, late, but dinner just beeped...we ate at the mall at lunch and it was sooo good!

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