Monday, February 1, 2010

welcome February!!!

I just can't believe it is already February!

The last few month were like, um, strange.
like I was sleeping and just woke up.
That is a good thing.

The adoption is over.
That is nice.
Hard to call her Izzy, but we are all getting there.

Piper and I are not feeling well today,
great way to bring in the new month.

Piper is not going to be going back to preschool.
We just decided with me home full time, it was best for our family if she stays home with me and we save-use for something else-the money we would pay out for school.
She is very excited-so am I.
It is hard with 5 kids to make sure everyone gets individual attention.

Daniel's birthday is right around the corner,
so is Valentines.
what to do???

I think Piper and I are going to make some cute heart streamers for the living room and kitchen out of tissue hearts :o)

Very good sermon yesterday at church. John, you rock the Word of God!!!
However, if you could quit making all of your sermons based on my needs, that might be good-I find it hard to work on all of it at one time!!! LOL

Had a couple of birthday parties this weekend. One on Sat at the glow golf in the mall for the boys. We took the 3 girls to Garfields and had a bite to eat. That was nice.
Sunday, Piper had a party at Macaroo Gym. I had to work, so I didn't get to watch her, but I hear she had fun!

SO, I think I will veg with my girl on the couch and try to kick this cold!!!

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