Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I can't believe this year is almost over.

I think the kids need to stop fighting.

I miss being out and about, even at the cemetery.

I made muffins, the stove is smoking(someone over baked pecan pie-not me-and it reeks).

I need to clean house, but my body will not obey me.

I have a post brewing in my head about this year.

Highs, lows, happy moments, sad moments, life changing moments.

I have a list of things I can use as resolutions, but really, do I ever stick to them?

I have a list of things I need/want to do in the new year...some of it I may share, some I may not.

Looking back on my post, the one in June where I was working on forgiveness....I have not made it very far. Need to get cracking on that one. I hit a roadblock and seemed to let a lot of things slide that I needed to get done. pair that with depression and well, I just failed to see things that I should have and I saw things that were not there. ugh.

I hate changes.. do you know that about me? I really do. even the thought of writing 2010 sends my head spinning!

well, the muffins I am cooking for breakfast are done and I better feed the crew....

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