Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas break always sneaks up on me-I mean I know it's coming-but I am never ready.

The kids still want to get up early(HELLO!!!-it is break!!!)
I want to sleep in.

then the food issue...
they can really eat,
like a lot....
must go get groceries at some point and restock :o(
not good to wait until just a few days before Christmas!

Keeping them busy is another job in it's self!
computer, games, tv, outside, cards, art supplies
we have it all, but guess what you hear???
ugh...the dreaded 3 words...
so today we had a playdate.
11 kids and they were great.
as soon as we get home,
rinse, repeat....

We have finished all of our shopping.
need to wrap.
won't get done before Christmas Eve,
never does.
But, I need nothing from the stores ;o)

today the disposal went out,
Piper smashed her finger in the door,
and Dawson lost the spring in his braces making room for the other tooth...
so, I get to take him in on Monday...that will be fun with all of them out. NOT

not a lot else going on here....

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