Wednesday, December 23, 2009

well, are NOT my friend.
Phone, you sure are :o)
I like getting unexpected calls from friends...
it makes the day seem brighter even with no sun.

the I'm Bored's have set in again today.
really, because i can think of many things to keep you busy!!

I want to enjoy them on break
they just don't see it!!
I really would do anything for my kids
refereeing is not what I was thinking, but today
that is what I am.

was going to bake cookies, but they can't get along to even eat lunch!!!
MOM, how did you do it with us? did we fight like this??
Piper is watching Mamma Mia AGAIN...she is a musical lover :o)
but, it keeps her happy!!
oh, that and chocolate...she is her mama's girl..

I have more to say, I think, but, Logan wants the later....

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