Friday, January 16, 2009

busy and sick

Those are the 2 words that I feel really show how I have been since my last post. I sit here with Dawson playing GH on Wii, Logan playing GH on DS, Daniel watching them play(wishing they would ask him to play), Gabi is playing dress up, Piper is sleeping on my bed and Sammy is folding clothes to earn her phone back a few days early...You know God shows me grace and mercy daily and I felt she needed some today! It is noce to listen to them all carry on a conversation with each other and just be.
It has been a hard week. It started off thinking mom had a stroke and not knowing how to help her. Now we found out she did NOT have a stroke and her brain looks great on the MRI. She does however have a major sinus infection and started on meds today. They think the falling and dizziness is from the infection and the slurred speech is from the minor concusion she got last week with her 3 falls in 12 hours. So, Please pray for her to continue to recover and get back to her 'old' self soon.
I have been sick for a couple days. I thought I was just really tired Wed, but, yesterday at BSF, I got really sick and came home and could do nothing. I don't like not being able to take care of my family and do my jobs. I was crying by nights end, even though my husband was NOT up set at all about the 2 trips he had to make to the store to get dinner items and then again to get pull ups for Piper at bedtime. I cried and yelled about feeling usless and he told me to quit, he was not mad and i said ok and went to bed. He made yummy veggie soup and then I drank tea and watched mindless tv for a while until I fell asleep.
Today I got the girls to preschool and then came home and read, did wash~in the process finding out that my washer quit on me!!!!~, did a load of dishes, napped, got up, ate, showered and got dressed to pick up the girls and get to the boys school for Honor Roll assembly for BOTH boys! (In Logan's class, every single student made honor roll!!)now I am home hanging out, still not feeling great!
God is at work in my life and I see it each day. He has a lot to deal with in me and some times I buck likea raging bull. i have to learn what Jane said at BSF yesterday-Obedience brings blessings. I need a plaque that says that!!! May have to make one.....
Well, we are going to go and look at washers. ugh.


mnlbaker said...

Becca do you need a new washer? We have one you can have it. It isn't the best in the world and it gets a little crazy hopping around, but it still works. Just let me know and we can deliver it to you:)

NeverEnoughTime said...

thanks! We went and got the Cabrio By Whilpool...I am in love!!! hmm, I have a dryer, so do we know anyone who needs a set??? let me know.