Friday, January 2, 2009


messed up. I had a post in process, the computer locked up and I got busy!
Our new tower is ready and I will be picking it up from Stacey and Hal tonight(and having dinner & hanging out!!). YEAH! I am sure to have a lot of pictures in the upcoming days :o)
I am going to lay all kids down in a few so they are well rested so we have a good time.

We have another foster visit on Monday night. I think it is our last one. I have to still finish my autobiography for her before then. UGH.

Yesterday I got most of the wash done~even folded and put away! Go me!! I have to work on our bedroom and also putting things on the walls.

I have found a lot of 'old' high school(both schools that I attended~Thomas Jefferson in Iowa and Joplin ~ friends on Face Book and am really excited to see some of the faces taht I have not seen in years!

Time to get some things done....

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