Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesdays are not my favorite..

ballet is on Tuesdays.
it is crazy.
Piper's class,
then Gabi's.
almost 3 hours of crazy...

I had missed several weeks due to surgery,
the girls-all of them, not just mine-were very excited to show me how much they had improved.
they even waited on me to get done talking to show me the routine!
they RAWKED it out...
I can't wait to see them all at recital, dressed up and dancing.
it will make all the crazy Tuesdays worth it!

my new meds are gross...
like, I have to hurry and take them so I can't taste the nasty taste that will be left in my mouth if it takes too long.
I did hang some clothes up today, so I tried to help-even though I wasn't really supposed to be doing it!

I had left of Jim Bob's from yesterdays lunch out with Stacey/Hal/Daniel for lunch today...
it was just as good as yesterday.

Piper stayed home with me for the first time today since surgery. That was tough. She just doesn't get why I can't do much since I am home. We are going to try one more day and see how it goes...if it still isn't working, she may have to go back to Nana's on Thursday, but, we shall see.

I started reading a Kristen Billerbeck book-Trophey Wife's Club....so far it seems good...we shall see.

the kids got spring pictures back...not the best ever, but I will get one sheet of each and send the rest back.

Speaking of school...I can't believe it is almost over for the year! I am ready for summer...pool, lazy days, just enjoying my kids.

did I mention I lost another 8 pounds? yep, since surgery. makes me happy and almost 40 pounds down...yeah!!!

Piper turned 5 on Sunday. I can't even believe it. She is so little and my baby. She is smart as can be and lights up whatever room she is in. She loves to have fun and laugh. We celebrated by going to Garfield's for lunch, then we took her to Target to shop for shoes-well, flip flops. She found one pair there, so we moved on to Payless and she found two more...she was super happy and the kids asked if we can always just let them pick out the birthday gift~haha. She could go to school in the fall, but, we are not sure if we are going to send her yet. Just wait and see.

ok, so this is really random and full of nothing interesting. sorry. blame it on the medicines.

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Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - I love hearing from other people who have been through or are on this journey we're beginning -- I look forward to reading more of your blog!