Sunday, January 23, 2011


we are moving!!!

We are moving to the south-MISSISSIPPI....
30 minutes from the beach,
a promotion and good raise,
a free home,
family next door and around town,
kids cousins are all there...

We are so excited!!!

I have packed 98% of the girls and boys rooms, both hall closets, the computer desk, the Tupperware, all the books(yep, just ask Logan-who needed a book to read for school and I had already packed them!!), a few other items....
this week I will be very busy packing and spending time with friends!
we know there will be times when we miss our life here, but we also know we are being obedient to God and He will take care of all of the details. We know where the kids will be going to school(ps, they wear uniforms in the public school and I am BEYOND excited1), we have a church we want to try out, the beach is 30 minutes away, I found a fitness center with an outside pool similar to Rosedale here in Joplin that we were members of, the boys sign up for baseball the week we get there, found a dance studio for the girls, looked at the grocery store ads for down there...

SO, I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on and that I will not even be thinking about the blog for a couple of weeks, but have been storing up some sweet photos that I took!!!
Hope your January is going well!!!

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