Sunday, December 26, 2010

I didn't even hold up to posting....

BUT, it is because everyone in my stinking house keeps getting sick!!! I am ready for it to move on already.

I hope you each had a great day filled with family and fun and love!
My little sister and Gene came over on Christmas Eve and we had some yummy snacks....cookies that the kids had made and decorated, cupcakes I had made and the kids iced, sausage/cheese/crackers, salsa and chips, mimosas(my first try and it wasn't bad, but lets put LOTS of OJ in there and not much champagne, ok?!-Misty brought these as a surprise!)
Daniel and I had MOST of the gifts wrapped by noon and then we were finished by 9pm, but the kids DID NOT want to go to bed!!! ugh. So, when the kids were woken up by Dawson at 5, we didn't let them get up!!! LOL...well, I'm not a morning person, remember??? they were so funny though. they were marching in the hall like soldiers(maybe they were dreaming it was NutCracker performance again?)jumping on our bed, but by 5:30, they had made a little pallet in the hall and were sound fact, we had a hard time waking up Dawson!
We cut way back this year...they just didn't need anything really. so they each got 1 thing by themselves and 2 for the boys/girls combined. they were more than happy.
um, I got 27(yes, you read that right)cookbooks!!! HAHAHA, guess someone is saying something...either, they are tired of the same things or they want me to use less boxed food :o) They are very cool cookbooks, so it should be exciting!
Then we went to service at church. It was amazing. God was in that place...not that He isn't always, but wow it was a great service. Then we went and looked at some lights and came home.
Today has been VERY laid back...most of us didn't get dressed today!!! Daniel is not feeling well, Gabi is still very stuffy with a crazy cough and Piper has a yucky cough. Mom seems to be on the mend, but when she coughs, I can hear all the gunk in her. So, we had some turkey and noodles for dinner. OH MY, they were so good!!!
now the kids are all playing and I am sitting here, playing on the computer, Danie is getting ready to go to bed...I can't believe that the weekend is over. The last 3 days has gone so fast. sigh.
I pray that each of you had an amazing CHRISTmas and that you have a wonderful 2011!!

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