Monday, August 16, 2010

sweet sleep

How we will miss you....I mean, we could go to bed earlier, like when we put the kids down, but really, how much fun is that?? NONE. So, today was the last day that the kids and I were able to sleep in. I woke, but just laid in bed listening to the girls(who had joined us in the night)deep breathing and Piper sucking those little fingers...the sweetness of the moment was not lost on me.

I was blessed so much with my 5 children. Did I deserve it? nope. Am I grateful? yep. I have been entrusted with their lives and could not be happier or more scared to have the privilege. I can remember when Daniel and I were told we would never have children in '97. That was heartbreaking. I had always wanted nothing more than to be a momma. I tried desperately to get pregnant in my first marriage and failed. I can remember when I was sick in Feb '98, Daniel told me to get a Dr appt that I was pregnant. I thought he was crazy. We went in and I will never forget the lab tech saying 'Congratulations'. I was STUNNED!! Daniel drove like a grandpa when we left!!! He knew every time I was pregnant before I even did a test. He just knew. We went on to have 6 pregnancies and 4 births and an adoption. God is so good.

I make daily mistakes as a parent-who doesn't. BUT, I apologize and they know I love them. I want them to know that even when they mess up, we love them-unconditionally. I am happy that I share parenting with Daniel, even when we disagree-often-on how to handle things. It is a learning process just like anything else.

It is almost lunch time and I am still sitting here in my jammies and my robe. Only a couple kids have gotten dressed....we have hair cuts at 2 and I WILL be taking pictures....girls are playing house, Dawson is on the computer and Logan is playing the Wii...might not last long....need to empty the dishwasher and change out the laundry. Yep, this parenting gig sure keeps me busy!!!!

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