Monday, August 30, 2010

crazy week gone by

Time is going by so fast since the kids have been in school.
I was so worried about being bored, but really, I have not had time to be bored.
I have been exercising and getting some things organized.
Taking care of mom, kids. You know, being the mom around here.

The girls start ballet next week~they are super excited!
Boys are going to play basketball and that doesn't start for a bit.

Tuesday I have some plans.
Wed I have some plans.
Seems strange that I can make plans and not worry about what to do with kids-they are all in school!!
I have to say, I have gotten used to it. I can get the house work done, groceries purchased, exercise, even hang with friends all while they are learning!

For tonight, I have to go and tuck the girls in for bed!

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